Why the Cheapest Paint is the Most Expensive

Understanding the Quality and Formulation of Paint

The quality of paint is determined by the formulation of paint. The basic diagram below illustrates this.

Quality and Formulation of Paint

Quality and Formulation of Paint.

As you can see by these formulations, higher quality paint has lower long-term maintenance whereas poor quality paint requires high maintenance. In the long-run, the cheapest paint is going to be the most expensive due to constantly having to re-coat the surface again and again.

Higher quality paint contains a large volume of prime pigment and binder and a low volume of solvent. This gives high quality paint excellent durability, scrubability and hiding power. It is the composition of high quality paint that makes it more costly.

Cheaper paint contains a large volume extender and solvent but a low volume of prime pigment and binder – making the product less costly but lower in quality. The formulation of paint basically determines the price of it.

Benefits of High Quality Paint

  • Better coverage
  • Alkali resistance
  • Mildew resistance
  • Fewer brush marks
  • Paint flows more easily
  • Less splatter and sagging
  • Excellent surface adhesion
  • Better blocking resistance
  • Superior durability and protection
  • Easier to apply, smoother appearance
  • Better grease, scrub & stain resistance
  • Good resistance to dirt pick-up & easier to clean
  • Lasting colour & maintains its original tone longer
  • Less Blistering, Cracking, Chipping, Yellowing & Flaking

Life Expectancy of Quality Paint

The quality of paint influences the performance of the paint and therefore lifespan of the coating to first maintenance. The better the composition and quality, the longer the life expectancy of the paint. Low quality paints will not have as long a life expectancy due to its composition.

Therefore the more costly paint actually becomes more cost-effective in the long-run as as lower quality paint will have to be repainted more frequently to match the life expectancy of the higher quality paint.

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