Surface Prep: Polvin Walls & Ceilings

Surface Preparation Guide for Polvin Walls & Ceilings

Before using Plascon Polvin Walls & Ceilings, ensure that surfaces are dry, sound, and free from dust, dirt, grease and oil before painting.

1. New Work:

Plascon Polvin Walls & Ceilings1.1 Cement plaster, concrete, gypsum plaster (e.g. Rhinolite, Cretestone), gypsum board, e.g. Rhinoboard), and unglazed brick: Remove any loose particles and laitance by most suitable means and paint directly. If a gypsum plaster has been used as the joint skimming filler on gypsum board or dry wall partitioning, then these areas must be sealed with PLASCON PLASTER PRIMER.

N.B. Soft, underbound, friable and highly porous surfaces must be restored to a sound condition with PLASCON PLASTER PRIMER.

1.2 Fibre-cement: Prime with PLASCON MULTI SURFACE PRIMER.

1.3 Wood: Sand smooth and dust off. Seal knots with KNOT SEAL, then prime with PLASCON WOOD PRIMER.

1.4 Mild steel: Degrease with AQUASOLV DEGREASER and rinse thoroughly with water. Remove rust. Prime with PLASCON METAL PRIMER. Use ZINC PHOSPHATE PRIMER RED OXIDE for structural steelwork.

1.5 Galvanised steel: Clean with PLASCON GALVANISED IRON CLEANER and rinse thoroughly with water to achieve a water break-free surface. Prime with PLASCON GALVANISED IRON PRIMER.

2. Previously Painted Surfaces:

2.1 Previously painted surfaces in good condition: Remove loose and flaking paint back to a sound substrate and a firm edge by scraping and sanding. Spot prime bare areas with appropriate primer. Clean with POLYCELL SUGAR SOAP POWDER solution to remove all contaminants and chalked material. Rinse well with clean water to remove all traces of SUGAR SOAP. Alternatively, clean with high pressure water jet. Sand glossy enamel surfaces to a matt finish and apply a coat of PLASCON UNIVERSAL UNDERCOAT.

2.2 Previously painted surfaces in poor condition: Completely remove paint by most appropriate means e.g. scraping, coarse sanding or stripping with REMOVALL ALL PURPOSE COATINGS REMOVER. Proceed as for new work.

3. Filling:

Fill defects with the appropriate POLYCELL POLYFILLA. Fill wood and fibre-cement with POLYCELL MENDALL 90.

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6 thoughts on “Surface Prep: Polvin Walls & Ceilings

  1. I was preparing to paint my wooden doors and windows (previously vanished_, with Polvin Walls & Ceilings matt acrylic. My painter sanded them, then painted with Plaster Primer. What do I do? Can I continue to put on the white Polvin? Thanks. God bless

  2. I have a new plastered ceiling (rhinobond/rhinoset) about 300m2. How much Polvin Wall & Ceilings (white) do I need? is there a need to prime first?

  3. What is the correct primer to use on 1. Pine varnished ceilings, and 2. Eggshell painted ceilings, if I intend using a Polvin ceiling and wall paint?

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