Solvent Based / Water Based Paint Test

A simple paint test to determine whether dry / old paint on a previously painted surface is solvent based or water based.

Solvent Based / Water Based Paint Test

Water Based Paint TestDip a clean cloth into some methylated spirits and rub it on the paint surface. If the paint comes off on the cloth, then it is water based. If not, it is a solvent based coating that was previously used on the surface. Water based paints are not resistant to chemicals and solvents.

And that’s it! Knowing what paint was previously used on a surface is essential for knowing how to proceed with repainting a surface. Following this simple solvent based / water based paint test will provide you with this information and will help us with advising you how to best proceed with repainting your surface.

If you are wishing to repaint any surface and are in need of expert advice, please kindly follow this solvent based / water based paint test first and provide us with this information.

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