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The official website for Kansai Plascon (Pty. Ltd.) – featuring tools & techniques, useful resources, Plascon products, an Inspired Colour System, Paint Calculator, Product Data Sheets and much more. It’s everything you need regarding paint all in one place!


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Plascon Trade

If you’re looking to find out more about Plascon products, what the organisation has been doing and how they are impacting the paint industry, Plascon Trade is the ideal place to find this information. Here you will find all your needs as a trade specific customer.


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Plascon Trends

Plascon isn’t just about what paint goes where, but also about what the latest trends are in colour and décor. Plascon Trends is your one-stop site where you can find the colour of the month, what the latest trends are, what’s hot in décor and articles from guest contributors.


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This 96-page glossy magazine is packed with practical tips and hands-on advice from the paint experts. Plascon SPACES shows you how to use the very latest paint products in line with global decorating and colour trends and an increasing sensitivity to the environment.


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You don’t have to be daunted by the thought of your next painting project because you’re not sure which colour to use or how to use it. The Plascon Spaces Showroom is all about showing you how easy it is to pick the right Plascon product and colour for your next painting experience. Consultations are by appointment only.


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5 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Good day…
    I am looking for the following paint colours to compile for one of our clients that wants to re paint their building:
    Candlelight A11-1
    Gun powder E28-6
    Grape pop A34-6
    Curds A11-5
    Salsa A6-7
    Cream of potato C16-3
    Periwinkle A33-6
    Lime juice A18-7
    If these codes and names have changed can you please send me the updated names and codes.
    Kind regards

    • Hi Lee, I see our team has already provided you with the correct colour codes and names. I’m copying here for others to see:

      Please note that the below colour names and codes are still the same and available for tinting at the stores. Some colours requires a basecoat but the people at the store will be able to pick that information on their tinting machines as to which colour requires a basecoat and what basecoat to tint for that particular colour.

      Candlelight A11-1: Available as tint
      Gun powder E28-6: Available as tint
      Grape pop A34-6: Available as tint
      Curds A11-5: Available as tint and requires a basecoat
      Salsa A6-7: Available as tint and requires a basecoat
      Cream of potato C16-3: Available as tint
      Periwinkle A33-6: Available as tint
      Lime juice A18-7: Available as tint and requires a basecoat

  2. I recently bought Dune 4 Micatex at Game. Please advise which colours go best with Dune on the window sills? Do you have pictures of combinations of Dune 4 and other paints that matches Dune 4?

    • HI Riefaat, thank you for contacting us. For any colour-related queries, please kindly contact our Spaces Showroom on 011 467 8693/4 and speak to a colour consultant. They will be more than happy to advise you.

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