Repainting Ceilings

Repainting Ceilings DIY Guide

DIY Guide: Repainting Ceilings

Repainting Ceilings DIY

A step-by-step DIY guide to repainting ceilings

STEP 1: Remove any peeling paint from the ceiling using a Hamilton’s scraper and sand back to a smooth surface.

STEP 2: If the ceiling has mould, use household bleach and scrub the ceiling well to remove and kill the mould. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry.

STEP 3: Cracks or imperfections on the ceiling can be filled with Polycell Ready Mixed Crack Filler. Patch prime the filler with Plascon Plaster Primer.

STEP 4: Any gaps between cornices and ceilings can be filled with Polycell Acrylic Filler. This filler is flexible and will allow some movement between the different surfaces.

STEP 5: Apply 1 coat of Plascon One Coat Ceiling Paint – now with a new whiter, brighter formulation.

TIP: For ease of painting, use a Hamilton’s roller extension. No need for ladders.

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Repainting Ceilings Products Used

7 thoughts on “Repainting Ceilings

  1. Can I use the one coat ceiling paint for old fashioned metal pattern ceilings? (really don’t know what’s the right name for it!) The ones you get in old houses.

    • Hi Lani, thanks for getting in touch.

      Please can you provide us with more information so that we may better assist you. In what condition is the current coat on the ceiling? Is it peeling or flaking in any area? Is the current coating solvent or water-based? The more you can tell us the more we can help!

  2. Dear Plascon,

    The last time we painted our ceiling was 7 years ago. It is in good condition. Can we just repaint or should we remove the old paint first?

    • Hi Vinny, thank you for your query.

      Before we can advise you we need to know which product is currently on the surface. Do you know if it is oil-based or water-based paint? Also, which top coat are you wanting to use to repaint your ceiling?

    • Hi Vinny, if you do not know what product is currently on the ceiling it would be a good idea to clean the surface with a solution of sugar soap first. To be on the safe side, we suggest a Universal Undercoat before applying your chosen topcoat.

      However, very few ceilings are coated with oil-based paints, except in old bathrooms. Topcoats that I would suggest are One Coat Ceiling paint or Plascon Walls and Ceilings.

    • Hi Devron, thank you for querying. Unfortunately Plascon does not have a varnish for your application. We can however advise checking with Speccoats who can be contacted on 086 137 2468.

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