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We appreciate that your home is your greatest investment, and maintaining it can be an expensive business. But it’s an investment in your property and will ensure your home retains its value.

The finest finish and long lasting results are guaranteed when you paint with Plascon’s seven premium quality paint brands; namely Double Velvet, Cashmere, Velvaglo, Bathrooms & Kitchens, Wall & All, Micatex and Nuroof Cool.

Product of the Year logoPlascon’s 7 year Quality Guarantee pledge on these premium brands stands proud. After 7 years, it proves that the use of higher quality paint reduces the overall cost of coating over time by almost 50% (when you factor in the paint and labour costs of having to repaint more often with lesser quality paints).

Plascon now also offers a 12 year Quality Guarantee on its premium-plus brand, Nuroof Cool, thanks to the unique Herotech formulation, Enviroshield™. NuRoof Cool was voted Product of Year 2013.

You can be assured that the technologically advanced Plascon products, coupled with thorough surface preparation and correct application, will leave your home protected and looking beautiful for longer.

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    • Hi Martin, thanks for getting in touch.

      You will have to abrade the metal back to a bright metal finish by means of mechanical grinding or by using a wire brush.

      1. Clean the entire area with GIC1 and allow to dry.

      2. Prime all bare and exposed areas with EMS 18 and allow to dry.

      3. Apply 2 coats of Plascon Nuroof Cool with 2 hours drying time at 23ºc between coats.

      Please feel free to request technical data sheets from our contact centre on 0860 20 40 60

  1. Please advise. I need an exterior water-based varnish for a white, wooden deck. Exterior but under a roof.
    Much appreciated

    • Hi Vivienne, thanks for getting in touch.

      Our Woodcare specialist advises that the product to use on wooden decks is a solvent-based product called Ultra Deck and Timber Dressing.

      The other option we have is Plascosafe water-based floor coating – clear (WFC). But please note that this product is for interior use only.

    • Hi Primrose, thank you for your query. We have 3 options for you to choose from:

      1. Plascon Cashmere: Cashmere is a low odour premium quality plush matt wall coating that is highly washable and stain resistant. For use on interior and Exterior surfaces. Hero Ingredient: Unique triple bead technology which diffuses more light thereby hiding imperfections and forming a protective barrier, which maintains an absolute matt finish over time, even with regular wiping.

      2. Plascon Wall and All: WALL & ALL is extremely durable, washable, pure acrylic emulsion sheen paint for interior and exterior use. Hero Ingredient: Unique Dirt Barrier formulation that protects exterior walls by inhibiting the growth of mould and fungus, plus delivers superior dirt resistance.

      3. Plascon Micatex: Micatex is an extremely durable UV-resistant waterbased coating with a fine texture for weatherproofing and decorating exterior walls. Hero Ingredient: Unique Weather Block formulation improves water resistance. Weather Block in combination with Mica and Marble protects walls by filling existing hairline cracks and preventing future hairline cracks.

      All the above-mentioned products comes with our 7 year guarantee! Unfortunately Plascon does not yet offer online purchasing.

      • HI, you say in this thread that cashmere can be used outside. However, the specs say it’s for internal use only. Please clarify if it can indeed be used on exterior surfaces.

        Many Thanks

        • Hi Tanya, apologies for the delay in getting back to you. To clarify, Plascon Cashmere paint can indeed be used for both interior and exterior surfaces, however, the guarantee will only be valid for interior use.

  2. Hi, I have bedroom cupboards that I want to paint. The problem is that they were painted with white enamel that has gone yellow. I don’t want to use enamel again. What type of paint can I used over the enamel? Thank Anita.

    • Hi Anita, thanks for getting in touch.

      We advise that you first sand the surface using fine grit sandpaper. Sand in a circular motion and wipe off all excess dust. Ensure the area is clean, dry and sound before continuing.

      Apply 1 solid coat of Plascon Universal undercoat and allow to dry for between 16 to 24hrs.

      Apply 2 coats of water-based paint – either Cashmere or Double Velvet – depending on your choice of finish. We recommend these 2 topcoats as they are washable, stain resistant and suitable for cupboards that are handled frequently. Allow 4 hrs drying time between coats and about 4 hrs handling time.

  3. HI, I have finished my outside walls with rhinolight, the paint now peels off. What product can I use to stop this from happening?

  4. Hi, I bought two 20l of MICATEX WHITE (BBO 300). Can I colour it to one of Plascon Inspired Colours, like B5-E1-3 / B5-E1-4 / B1-E1-4?

    Many thanks 😉

    • Hi Nigel, thanks for getting in touch.

      Micatex white is already a tinted standard colour from Plascon, so no. The correct tint base must be used in order to achieve the right colour. Hardware stores that sell our products would be able to assist in tinting our base colours with the correct tint bases.

  5. Hi, I hope you can help.

    I’m about to paint my Asbestos roof. It was cleaned with a pressure washer. How do I go about painting it? Is there a primer that I must put on first or can I just go ahead and paint?

    Thank you

    • Hi Nigel, nice to hear from you again.

      Kindly note that we have recently had discussions with the Western Cape Asbestos Authority (021 946 3368/082 305 2000 – Graham; about specifying and painting asbestos roofs. You can also contact Mr. James Hani (021 441 8155) at the Western Cape Provincial Office of the Department of Labour about working with asbestos.

      It has been brought to our attention that we are no longer allowed to specify for the preparation and painting of asbestos. All work being done on asbestos will be classed as “demolition work”, according to Graham.

      The problem with hydroblasting asbestos isn’t just the wet fibers being sprayed into the air; it is the fibers that are wind-borne when they dried out and this gets breathed in by humans and animals.

  6. I am looking for rock marking paint which is canned. Where can I get some and they are for resale? I need about 100

    • Hi Nathan, unfortunately we do not have anything that we can recommend from the Plascon range that you can use on rock; however you may contact a company called Specialised Coatings on 086 137 2468 and they might be able to assist.

  7. Hello. I’m moving into my new home and need to change the paint. I have 2 feature walls that I want to paint. The one in my bedroom will be painted with Overvast Days while the lounge feature wall will be Rich Amber. I want a light gloss on these walls. So some shine but not like high gloss. Which paint type (double velvet, cashmere etc) must I use from your range? The walls are painted with a Matt finish like paint currently.

  8. Hi

    My cupboards in my bedroom are wood and stained white. I would love to give it a satin finish and thought that the Plascon Pearl paint could do the job. Can I use it on wood that has only been stained? Hope to hear from you soon.


    • Hi Alta, thanks for getting in touch with us. Before we can properly advise you, please can you let us know what type of wood is it and which white stain was used before?

      Please note that Plascon Pearl Paint is a premium water-based finish that captures the essence of natural pearl, is suitable for interior use, and is used for trim work – to provide a fashionable pearlescent effect. It is ideal for feature walls in living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. It is not meant to cover it but rather adds shimmer over a painted surface. It can add sparkle to broad-walls, picture frames, mouldings and trims and it doesn’t give a satin finish. The Technical Data sheet available in the link above provides more info.

  9. Please can you help me select the best exterior Plascon Micatex paint for my house? My house is roofed with concrete tile terracotta. The main paint should be light and the one trimming cobbling should be dark. I urgently need your help.


    • Hi Keletso,

      Thank you for your valued enquiry regarding our free colour consulting service offering.

      Colour consulting is a very specialist skill and requires input from yourself to ensure we are able to deliver on your expectations and brief. We therefore require the following from you for our team to work on your project:

      1. Please complete the attached questionnaire and return it to us along with high resolution jpeg images (maximum 5MB per image per e-mail) of your interior or exterior. Two or three good photos are sufficient. Your images can also be sent to this e-mail address using Wetransfer.

      2. Please ensure that your images include the following depending on the nature of your project (exterior/interior):

      a) Floor to ceiling;
      b) Exterior surroundings / vegetation;
      c) Your furniture / décor items you are going to keep in your makeover;
      d) Pictures of your new curtains / blinds / shutters, fabric samples, flooring ie carpets, tiles, etc; and
      e) Inspirational images that you like from the internet, magazine cuttings or pictures that you have taken.

      3. Using our onsite tools we will prepare digitally generated ‘before and after’ images which will be presented to you at your scheduled appointment.

      4. We have two types of service which we can offer you:

      a) A colour scheme where your assigned colour consultant sends your digitally generated images along with our advice via e-mail; or
      b) An hour long private consultation booking here in our Plascon Spaces Showroom where your assigned colour consultant sits with you in person.

      Once we have received all your information, your assigned colour consultant will then have your project in their schedule. Owing to the work load and number of client enquiries, this procedure can take from a minimum of 3 to 7 working days.

  10. hi, I want to paint my lounge feature wall with rich amber please advice on what colour can I use on the rest of the walls to complement it and also I would need a colour to go into the dining that would not be far from the lounge colour my curtains are dark brown colour.

    • Hi Michelle,

      Have you tried the Plascon Inspired Colour System to try find good matching complementary or adjacent colours that might work? We also have a free app called the Plascon Mobile InspireMe App which helps you match any colour you snap a picture with using your smartphone to a range of Plascon paint swatches that best match the colour. The app will also provide you with complimentary and adjacent colours. Try it out! If you would still rather get expert advice, please email: directly and they will be happy to assist!

  11. Hi I need to refurbish a street support structure. It has been painted before but the paint is starting to peel and lift. There are also some spots that are rusting, but surface rust, because the poles have been painted with galvanised primer before. Do I use paint remover first to remove all existing paints? Also, what product of Plascon should I use as a finishing coat? I want to paint it Heritage Green.

    Awaiting your response.

    • Hi Denver, thanks for getting in touch.

      Please could you kindly contact our Industrial Specialist, Frank Bezuidenhout, on 083 6283450 as he is an expert in structural steel and is most capable with assisting with your query.

  12. Will Nu Glow acrylic enamel work for wooden deck chairs that stay outdoors permanently? They are currently varnished but I will sand them down before painting.

  13. Hi June, thanks so much for getting in touch.

    Please kindly note that Nu Glo is a Duram product, not Plascon. We are therefore not familiar with the product so are reluctant to advise you of its uses in case something goes wrong and Plascon is blamed.

    What we can recommend is Plascon Woodcare Sunproof vanish which will suit your purposes perfectly!

  14. hi. Our interior walls are extremely dirty due to my children always touching it with dirty hands. We don’t want a high gloss paint (and not in white). Which paint would you recommend that would give the finish we require + durable and WASHABLE? Many thanks

    • Hi Chantal,

      We have a product called Plascon Double Velvet, which is a low-odour, premium quality interior velvet sheen wall coating that is highly washable and stain resistant – ideal for bedrooms, passages, offices and public buildings where a hard wearing luxurious velvet sheen finish is required. It also perfect for walls touched by dirty little paws! 😉

  15. Hi. 3 years ago Micatex was on sale and I purchased lot of it but not enough for my exterior so I used it in the house. I think the colour is called Namib Sands, it’s rich cream almost orangy… now I want to paint my kitchen all white to match the cupboards and ceiling. Can I paint Double Velvet on Micatex? Trust me, Micatex looks great on my interior walls it’s just a matter of changing the colour and I like the sheen of Double Velvet! Thanks

  16. Hi, I have a half a bucket of a 20l Micatex left over from 6 months ago. It looks a bit thick and I was wondering if there is anything you can add to it to make it a little thinner? Water?

    • Hi Matthew, thanks for getting hold of us.

      Normally Micatex doesn’t require any thinning, however, if you wish to thin it down a bit (or revitalize it) you may do so with a maximum 5% water.

  17. Can I paint “Harvey roof tiles” that have turned pale and dull in appearance or what can I do to restore its original appearance?

    • Hi Sezwe, thank you for your query. Please kindly note that we do not have a specification for painting Harvey tiles. We recommend contacting Specialist Coatings on 086 1372 468.

  18. Hello, what product can I paint with the colour of my choice onto an outside raw concrete verandah (does not have a damp-proof membrane) and will have a good resistance to wear and tear? Ideally something breathable that will ensure that most direct rainwater runs off? Thanks

    • Hi Mark, thanks for getting in touch.

      When painting external floors such as verandas, concrete walkways, etc. there are many variables and no guarantees. It can often be a high maintenance zone and this is with most products. Plascon Water-based Floor Paint is the only product that we make in a wide variety of colours and can be used on an external concrete surface.

      • I need correct product description for road marking paint:
        2.lead or non lead base
        3.sabs no for the specific paint
        The purpose is to request correct product, so your advice on this matter will be appreciated.

        • Hi Sox, thanks for getting in touch.

          Please find attached in the link provided the technical data sheet for Hysheen Road Marking solvent-based paint. It carries the SABS mark and complies to SABS 731.

          Durability can be very subjective as it depends on many factors including amount of traffic, condition of the road surface, application conditions, thickness of the coating applied, etc., etc.

          Luminance is termed “reflectance” and complies to SABS 731. The White TP24 is lead free. The Yellow TP41 and Red TP88 cannot be classed as lead free. There are traces of heavy metals due to the colourants.

  19. Hi I have half a 5 litre drum of Double Velvet paint (cloud white) which is a little thick, what can I use to make it thinner again? Thanking you

    • Hi Belinda, please kindly provide us with the product batch number printed on top of the lid so we can establish when the product was manufactured and advise if it’s still usable or not, our decorative products have got a shelf life of two years from the date of manufacture.

  20. Hi there. Can I use Micatex on wooden garage doors that have been painted? Bought Sahara to paint the house but the colour was too light so bought Umgeni Sands. Now Game wont refund me for the tin and want to give me a voucher. Please advise.

    • Hi Sharon, thank you for getting in touch.

      Before we can properly advise you, we would need to know what paint was previously used on the garage doors? More specifically, can you say whether it was oil-based or water-based?

    • Hi Sharon, we have just published a simple method for determining whether a previously painted surface was painted with solvent based or water based paint:

      “Dip a clean cloth into some methylated spirits and rub it on the paint surface. If the paint comes off on the cloth, then it is water based. If not, it is a solvent based coating that was previously used on the surface.”

  21. Hi. What product can I use to paint an outdoor concrete table top? It’s a new surface with no previous paint. Thanks

  22. Sirs, which primer and topcoat can be applied to a wooden house, which has a timber stain applied? The house is approximately 10 years old.

    • Hi Elisma, solvent-based paint has a shelf-life of more or less 15 years. However, we do advise that you use paint within a year after purchase. If you can stir the paint, it is probably still good to use. If paint has been standing for a long time, test it first to see if it is still usable. Stir the paint and brush some onto newspaper. If there are lumps, the paint can no longer be used and should be disposed of properly.

      More info as well as tips on how to safely and effectively store paint can be found here:

  23. Good Morning, I have just bought an old grocery cupboard which is a cupboard and then another cupboard inside with shelves etc. At the moment I think someone tried to shabby chic it and it looks really shoddy. I think it is a SA pine finish and plywood. What can I use to strip the paint and repaint it with? It is a lovely cupboard, and I think with a lovely fresh coat of paint, it will look wonderful. Please help.

  24. I have some leftover Micatex that I want to use on the interior walls of my lounge. The main reason for choosing to use Micatex is that moisture shows through the current paint… I can see the brickwork shape through the paint. No peeling or mould exists! The roof has been sealed and waterproofed. Any ideas…? Will Micatex help as it is thicker?

  25. Good day, I bought four 20Lt drums of Micatex in March with the batch no. on the lid BBO312 / 4H258/L. Please advise if its still use-able? And if so, when will the shelf-life expire? Thank you.

  26. What is the difference between Double Velvet and Velvaglo? I want to paint on plywood and the tester pots would be wonderful, but I see they are only available on Double Velvet and not in Velvaglo. Can double velvet be used on plywood after the wood primer?

    • Hi again Hilda, I have attached the data sheets for both products in the links below for you to see each product’s features and benefits.

      You can certainly use Double Velvet to paint plywood. Here’s what you need to do: Sand smooth with 150 grit paper working in the direction of the grain and dust off. Seal knots and resinous areas with Plascon Knot Seal. Prime the entire surface with Plascon Wood Primer. Finally apply 2 coats of Plascon Double Velvet.

      Velvaglo Data Sheet.

  27. Hi there, could you give me a painting specification for African mahogany hardwood – from wood primer through to gloss enamel finish please?

    • Hi Alan, good to connect with you. Please see below:

      For new wood: Repair damaged wood with Polycell Mendall 90. Sand wood in the direction of the grain to a smooth finish, dust off thoroughly, and seal knots with Woodcare Knot Seal. Apply primer and allow to dry (over-coating drying time is 16 hours). You can then apply any topcoat!

  28. Good Day, I wonder if I can paint my bathroom and kitchen using the Plascon professional wall coats (superior low sheen)?

  29. Hi, need to paint the exterior of my house in La Lucia KZN, looking at Evasive White, but not sure about Wall & All or Micatex?

    • Hi Bryan, thanks for getting in touch. While both paints are good for exterior use, Micatex has the hero ingredient “weather tough” which improves water resistance. Wall & All has the hero ingredient “dirt barrier” which resists dirt. So judging from the hero ingredients, we would suggest using Micatex for coastal areas. Please find the data sheet attached in the link provided.

  30. Hello, I have just finished plastering new walls and getting ready to paint. I plan on using Wall & All for exterior walls and Double Velvet for interior walls. Do I need to prime the walls and do I need any undercoat? What process should I follow? Thanks Shau

    • Hi Mushaukwa, thank you for your query. Firstly you will need at least 28 days for the plaster to completely dry. You will then need to ensure that the surface is clean, sound and dry before applying one coat of Plascon Plaster Primer. Let this dry for 16 hours then apply either two coats of Wall & All (exterior) or the Double Velvet (interior) while observing the drying time between coats.

  31. Hello there, I want to white-wash my sanded sealing. It should be a matt transparent film to see still the wooden texture. Which product can you recommend? Best regards

    • Hi Priscilla, any water-based paint product can be used, however it’s important to first remove the fungus as follows:

      Test for fungus by applying a few drops of household bleach to the area. If the markings are bleached away, they are likely to be fungal. Treat the contamination with a fungicidal wash, or apply a diluted household bleach solution (1 part bleach to 3 parts water). Leave it on for 20 minutes, applying more as it dries. Scrub and rinse the surface thoroughly and repaint it using a top-quality water-based paint – cleaning it when necessary with a bleach or detergent solution.

  32. Good day, I plan on repainting my home. The paint has worn to show the plastering in some areas. I have a tile roof that has rusted in some areas (I am unsure of the surface areas of the walls or the roof, so I’m not asking about quantity required). Please could you recommend products required to do the paint job. I assume there would be some primer coats involved?

    • Hi Bak, thank you for querying with us. Here’s what you need to do:

      FOR WALLS: Completely remove paint by most appropriate means or by stripping with Removall All Purpose Paint Remover. Remove any loose particles and laitance by most suitable means. Remove any oil, grease and mould release agents with Plascon Aquasolv Degreaser. Rinse thoroughly. Prime with Plascon Plaster Primer. Fill all imperfections or raked out plaster crack up to 4mm with Polycell Mendall 90 or Polycell Polyfilla Exterior. Spot prime repaired areas with Plascon Plaster Primer.

      FOR ROOF: Strip completely. Restore powdery and friable surfaces to a sound condition by applying Plascon Bonding Liquid. Allow to dry for at least 16 h @ 23 °C. Apply 2 coats of Plascon NuRoof Cool (TRP 200 Range) before contamination of the surface can take place, allowing 2 hours drying between coats.

  33. Hi, I’m about to paint the exterior of an old house in the Karoo with some of the walls build probably in the 50’s/60’s. The house was painted 6 years ago with a textured wall paint and some of them are being peeled and scraped off as the preparation work progresses. However some areas on the exterior walls (completely covered by a lower roof surrounding the stoep) are very difficult to scrape and sand off nor can I use a high pressure cleaner as this is a very very old house likely built at that time with mud or limestone. However some of the paint is still in good condition, which has now left me with uneven surfaces. How do I go about painting the walls again with Plascon Micatex?

    • Hi Johnny, here’s what you need to do:

      1. High pressure jet wash on 250 bars
      2. Use Polyfilla Patching plaster to fill imperfections
      3. Plaster prime the entire exterior walls after filling (do not spot prime)
      4. Apply 2 coats of Plascon Micatex with 2 hours drying time between the coats.

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