Plastering, Painting & Removing Rhinolite

Rhinolite DIY: Painting rhinolite, prevent paint on rhinolite from peeling off and removing rhinolite

Plascon Plaster Primer

Q: I just purchased Vevaglo Satin Sheen (white) which was tinted / shaded to a slightly darker colour. This paint was painted on a primer. Will this paint peel off from my new rhinolite kitchen walls?


If Plascon Plaster Primer was used on the rhinolite walls then the paint will not peel off.

Q: I have installed a new ceiling in my master bedroom after converting my single bathroom into two separate bathrooms. The master bedroom and bathroom are open plan so the ceiling is continuous through both areas.

The ceiling was finished with fibre tape and rhinolite. The ceiling was given two coats of Plascon Universal Undercoat. I would like to know whether I can paint the fibre tape and rhinolite ceiling with two coats of Plascon Velvaglo for excellent mould protection and then apply 2-3 coats of Plascon Kitchens and Bathrooms as a final coat?

Plascon Kitchens & Bathrooms PremiumA:

Certainly! Here’s what you need to do: Give the Universal Undercoat 16 hours to dry then apply two coats of Plascon Kitchens & Bathrooms – allowing 2 hours drying time between coats. Plascon Kitchens & Bathrooms is also mould and fungus resistant and is 10 times more washable than conventional water-based paint. It is stain, steam, chip and scratch resistant and comes with a 7 year quality guarantee!

Q: How do I remove multi-layers of paint and rhinolite from my walls other than by using only a paint scraper?


Removing Paint DIY: Plascon RemovAll All Purpose Paint RemoverTo remove paint we have RemovALL All Purpose Paint Remover Brush / Gel Grade. Note that it is always advisable to conduct a small test patch in an inconspicuous area to ensure product performance. This will indicate the time required for project completion, suitability of product for paint and substrate, and most effective removal method.

Please note that one needs to contact the manufactures of rhinolite and confirm with them what product is best suitable for removing rhinolite.

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