Plascon Product Selection Guide

The Plascon Product Selection Guide has been developed to make your painting process easy and inspiring. Getting this process right will add years to the life of your paint, beautify your environment and increase the value of your most important investment – your home.

Plascon Product Selection Guide

Follow this 6 easy step guide on how to use the Plascon Product Selection Guide:

  1. Before you start, check the condition of the surface you want to paint. There may be various surface problems, such as cracks.
  2. Never paint over a problem! Browse through the common problems section of this website and follow the solutions provided.
  3. Once you have checked your surface always remember, preparation comes first. Find your surface in the surface preparation section of this website and prepare accordingly before you paint.
  4. The Plascon Product Selection Guide offers a ‘Plascon Show House’ on the inside cover of the booklet, which is very useful for determining what exactly it is you want to paint. Pick up a Plascon Product Selection Guide at your local hardware store or any store that supplies Plascon paints.
  5. Identify your surface and the corresponding products that can be used on it.
  6. Choose your product according to its quality, the benefits you require, and its all-round match to the task at hand.

Disclaimer: While every care has been taken to ensure accuracy of the advice contained in the Plascon Product Selection Guide, please always refer to the information on the back of your selected product, or Ask Us if you are still unsure. Visit for more.

14 thoughts on “Plascon Product Selection Guide

    • Hi Trevor, our experts are asking for more information about the surface before they can advise you accurately. Can you please describe what exactly you are wanting to seal in more detail?

  1. Please advise: Need to paint garage floor. Concern is where hot tyres rest after a journey and paint might lift.
    Been told that
    1. to thoroughly clean floor
    2. one coat bonding liquid
    3. two coats roof paint
    Do you agree?

    • Hi Ronald, you can use Plascon Floor Paint to paint your garage floor. Our Floor Paint is a durable, hardwearing and a fashionable coating for domestic concrete surfaces such as floors, patios, driveways, pathways and garages.

      Remove any wax or water-based curing agents used to aid curing of the concrete after casting. Degrease the surface using Plascon Aquasolv Degreaser (GR 1). Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Allow to dry for at least 48 hours until totally dry.

      For all smooth surfaces, particularly steel floated concrete, apply one coat of Plascon Concrete Floor Prep (FCS 1). Allow the surface to dry for 8 hours before applying Plascon Floor Paint (FPT Range). Apply two coats to the correctly prepared and sealed surface for maximum durability. Allow at least 2 hour drying time @ 23 °C between coats. Allow light traffic after 16hrs drying and heavy traffic after 72 hours of drying @ 23°C. Drying times must be extended in cold, damp or humid conditions.

    • Hi Josh, thanks for getting in touch.

      Please kindly advise what kind of tiles you are wanting to clean and seal (e.g. floor, roof, bathroom etc.) and whether or not they are currently painted, and if so, with what. The more info we have about the surface the better we can assist you!

  2. I am looking for a paint for a beach house that is right on the beach and takes a lot of wear and tear from excessive winds, sand and obviously the salt – I have been given a suggestion of Plascon “Rock Pool” CTN5 – Is this the correct paint to use or do you have another suggestion.

    • Hi Coleen, thank you for your query.

      You probably want to consider an Acrylic Wall Paint for your beach house. Something like Midafelt 225, which stands up well to weather at the coast and helps to diffuse and reduce glare from sea. Is your surface wood or brick?

  3. Hi
    I’m looking to Paint my house tiles please advise what paint to use they have never been painted before only cleaning materials have been used


    • Hi Matapelo, thanks for getting in touch.

      Please kindly advise if you are referring to floor tiles or walls tiles? Unfortunately Plascon does not have a product we can recommend for painting floor tiles.

  4. Afternoon, We have purchased a house which needs painting, the house is situated at the coast.

    Which Plascon paint would you recommend for the following:

    1) Exterior Boundary Walls
    2) Exterior House Walls
    3) Exterior Wood frames (We want to paint the window frames white)
    4) Interior Walls
    5) Interior Ceilings
    6) Bath Room
    7) Kitchen

    Regards, Corey

    • Hi Corey, apologies for the late response. We were experiencing system problems last week. Please see our recommendations below:

      1) Exterior Boundary Walls – Micatex
      2) Exterior House Walls – Mictex
      3) Exterior Wood frames (We want to paint the window frames white) – Velvaglo water-base
      4) Interior Walls – Double velvet
      5) Interior Ceilings – Polvin Walls & ceiling
      6) Bath Room – Plascon Kitchen & Bathrooms
      7) Kitchen – Plascon Kitchen & Bathrooms

      There is a technical data sheet for each product downloadable off the Plascon website which contains all the information regarding surface preparation, application etc.

  5. Good Day. I have been using Plascon Sunproof Russet gloss on my facias & wooden window frames. Which varnish can I use from your latest range of varnishes that is the same in colour as “Russet”? Thanks!

    • Hi Hennie, unfortunately the colour “Russet” has not been replaced. However we can advise using the colour “Teak”. It’s not a perfect match but is the closet colour to Russet.

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