Plascon DIY Projects List

A List of Plascon DIY Projects Featured on Plascon Trends

Our sister website, Plascon Trends, has featured numerous Plascon DIY projects from colour ideas to upcycling old furniture and decor. Here are a few highlights. (Click on any image below for more)

DIY Geometric Wall Paint Effect

Plascon DIY Projects - Geometric Wall Paint Effect

Geometric Wall Paint Effect, Image Source:

A step-by-step DIY guide for creating geometric paint effects!

Plascon DIY Projects: Revamping Old Tables

Plascon DIY Projects - Revamping Old Tables

Upcycling / Revamping Tables with Paint, Image Source

A step-by-step DIY guide for revamping or upcycling old tables.

Plascon DIY Projects: DIY Antique Mirrors

DIY Antique Mirrors - Plascon DIY Projects

Antique Glass Mirror Wall, Image Source:

“Aged” looking / DIY antique mirrors are definitely trending at the moment, and they are increasingly being used in more modern and minimal interior context as opposed to more classical / traditional décor schemes.

Budget-Busting Craft & DIY Decor Ideas

Plascon DIY Projects

Budget Busting DIY Decor Ideas, Image Source:

7 simple DIY decor ideas on a budget.

Halloween DIY Décor and Food Ideas

Halloween DIY Decor - Plascon DIY Projects

Halloween Decorations, Image Source:

For those who celebrate Halloween, we have published a number of Plascon DIY projects for creating some spooky Halloween decorations.

Plascon DIY Projects: White-Washed Scandinavian Floors

White-Washed Scandinavian Floors

White-Washed Scandinavian Floors DIY, Image Source:

White-washed Scandinavian floors are trending big-style in interiors. Here’s a step-by-step how to guide for creating them!

DIY Shabby Chic Effect

DIY Shabby Chic Effect - Plascon DIY Projects

DIY Shabby Chic Effect, Image Source:

A video clip showing how to create a DIY shabby chic effect for décor which imbues the home with a sense of romance and antiquity.

Plascon DIY Projects: Upcycling Old Drawers

Upcycling Old Drawers - Plascon DIY Projects

Image Source:

A step-by-step DIY guide for transforming your old furniture.

DIY Paint Effects for Interior Walls

DIY Paint Effects for Interior Walls

DIY Paint Ideas for Walls, Image Source:

Some quirky (and some very tasteful) DIY paint effects for interior walls.

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