Painting Feature Walls with Plascon Designer Range

Painting feature walls often remains a dream in many homes as most consumers are “afraid” and hesitant to attempt such a project. Even with the correct advice and products, consumers find themselves in a situation of uncertainty and pose the following questions to themselves:

  • What if I do not like it?
  • How do I “fix” it if something goes wrong?
  • What if I make a mistake while busy painting?
  • What if it does not come out the way it should?

The above questions are often unnecessary as Plascon products come with instructions and application procedures. Consumers must realise that any paint project needs attention to detail.

The media and internet provide many tips and ideas, encouraging consumers to play with ideas resulting in dreams becoming a reality. The realisation of these dreams is dependent on the consumer’s tastes and affordability.

Painting Feature Walls

Painting Feature Walls: Paint Effects (image: via

Painting Feature Walls:

Feature walls are often needed to create a desired look in a bedroom, living area and entrance halls. They are also used to highlight or compliment certain accessories in a room. Often one feature wall is enough in a single room otherwise it could be “over the top” and lack the attention of that which one is trying to highlight. Feature walls offer optimum benefit when it is a solid wall, should not have a doorway, windows or openings. However a built-in fireplace with a mantelpiece always makes a good feature wall. Family photo’s in bold frames on feature walls are also great. Mirrors in large bold frames are often good on feature walls in entrance halls.

Resources for Painting Feature Walls:

Plascon DIY offers information on products and application regarding painting feature walls. We also have an Advisory Service with qualified consultants to assist you with your paint projects, a general website, Spaces magazine, colour catalogues with products as well as a Spaces Showroom with qualified personnel to help your dreams become a reality.

Plascon offers products within their Designer range and are suited to DIY enthusiasts and consumers eager to have a first attempt. There are many trends and fashions and they are ever-changing. Consumers must ensure that their ideas and visions tie in with the rest of their home and that the “look” can be changed by altering just a few things without having to repaint their feature wall.

Ideas for Painting Feature Walls:

A feature wall does not have to be a textured coating in an effort to make the wall “standout”, but can be a dark, bright or vivid colour. Certain retailers do have colour consultants or staff who are equipped to assist consumers with ideas. It often helps when consumers bring fabric samples such as scatter cushions, curtains, bed covers, throws, rugs etc. Other options are flooring samples and accessories such as lampshades, frames etc.

Painting Feature Walls - Childrens Feature Wall

Children’s Bedroom Feature wall (image: Image Source:


Product Description: A waterbased premium textured interior wall paint designed to look like brushed suede.

Appearance: Brushed suede finish

Intended Uses:

  • Ideal for use as a feature wall or above or below a dado rail.
  • Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, passages, offices and public buildings where a faux suede finish is required.
  • For application to suitably prepared new smooth cement plaster walls, fibre-board, ceiling board, gypsum plaster.

Features / Benefits:    

  • Low odour
  • A fashionable wall coating with suede finish.
  • Absorbs and reflects light, enhancing the rich textured faux suede finish.


Product Description: A premium water-based metallic lustre finish that changes with the angle of the view. It is suitable for interior use.

Appearance: Metallic

Intended Uses:

  • Use for trim work – to provide fashionable metallic effect.
  • Can be used on walls and suitably prepared wood and metal substrates


Product Description: A premium water-based finish that captures the essence of natural pearl. It is suitable for interior use.

Appearance: Pearlescent

Intended Uses:        

  • Use for trim work – to provide fashionable pearlescent effect.
  • Can be used on walls and suitably prepared wood and metal substrates.

Features / Benefits:        

  • Waterbased and quick drying
  • Adds shimmer over a painted surface
  • Adds sparkle to broad walls, picture frames and mouldings

Please note that the Metallic and Pearl give smooth finishes.


Product Description: An extremely durable UV-resistant waterbased coating with a fine texture for weatherproofing and decorating exterior walls.

Appearance: Matt

Intended Uses: 

  • To weatherproof and protect exterior wall surfaces.
  • To bridge and fill fine hairline cracks on exterior cement plastered walls.
  • Suitable to apply to primed cement plaster, concrete, brickwork, fibre-cement, PVC gutter and downpipes

Features / Benefits:

  • 7 Year quality guarantee
  • Effectively fills and bridges hairline cracks.
  • UV resistant – resists even the most severe sunlight conditions.
  • All colours have high obliterating power and good light fastness.
  • Hides minor surface imperfections and disguises repaired areas.
  • Protects exterior surfaces against breakdown caused by harsh climatic conditions.
  • Easy to apply and leaves at least twice the dry film thickness of conventional paints.
  • Improves water resistance of walls thus preventing dampness on interior walls caused by driving rain.
  • Reinforced with carefully graded aggregates of mica, mineral quartz and marble for long lasting protection, durability and toughness.

Surface Preparation:

Ensure that all surfaces are clean, dry, sound and free from dust, dirt, grease, oil and contaminants. Painted surfaces must be cleaned with Polycell Sugar Soap, rinsed thoroughly with clean water and allowed to dry. Ensure that unpainted surfaces are primed with the appropriate primers and that the correct drying times have been adhered to before painting. (See Technical Data Sheet for more detail)

Application: Stir with a flat paddle.  Can be applied by brush and roller.  Apply two or more coats to achieve complete obliteration.

The tools and equipment that consumers use with textured and smooth finish products are extremely important in achieving the perfect finish. Please find below a list of products needed:

  1. Hamiltons Professional / Ensign brushes (Suede finish)
  2. Hamiltons Rollers (Smooth for interior / rough for exterior)
  3. Hamiltons dropsheets (to prevent damage to flooring)
  4. Hamiltons Masking tape (mask off areas not to be painted)
  5. Hamiltons Paint Tray
  6. Polycell Sugar Soap (to clean surface before painting)

Painting Feature Walls Tips and Suggestions:

  • Call the Plascon Advisory service – 0860 20 40 60
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions and procedures.
  • Ensure you have the correct products and equipment.
  • Take photos of the room / walls and show consultants at store.
  • Try samples first where available, not all products have sample sizes.
  • The Spaces showroom is at the Design Quarter, Fourways Johannesburg.
  • Become inspired through media and internet and choose a look that you like.
  • Get confirmation of your choice by discussing with consultants at Plascon and stores.

Midas Paints which is part of the Plascon family have a range of textured coatings. You can source the information from Google under Midas Earthcote.

4 thoughts on “Painting Feature Walls with Plascon Designer Range

    • Hi Teresa, no unfortunately we don’t sell pattern rollers, but hobby and art shops usually carry them. You can also contact a company called Hamiltons Brushes on 011 448 2998/9.

  1. If I want the metallic finish. Do I buy the colour stated on your colour chart and then paint over it with the metallic finish or is it all in one tin?

    Thank you Ana-Maria

    • Hi Ana-Maria, thank you for getting in touch with us.

      Plascon Metallic Paint is a premium water-based metallic lustre finish that changes with the angle of the view and is suitable for interior use. It is best used for trim work, broad-walls, picture frames and mouldings to provide fashionable metallic effect. We are not sure what colour your are referring to from the colour chart?

      However please note that one has to apply one or more coats of a suitable Plascon Topcoat in the desired colour to achieve a solid base coat colour. Metallic paint is not meant to cover an entire surface. Please find the Technical Data sheet here for more info.

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