Painting Concrete Floors

Painting Concrete Floors DIY Guide

DIY Guide: Painting Concrete Floors

Painting Concrete Floors DIY

A step-by-step DIY guide to painting concrete floors

STEP 1: Scrub the floor with Plascon RemovALL High Strength Degreaser. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry.

STEP 2: Etch the floor with Plascon RemovALL Rust Remover and Concrete Etcher to ensure maximum adhesion of the Floor Paint. Rinse very well with fresh water and allow to dry.

STEP 3: Cracks or damaged flooring can be repaired with Polycell Masonry Patching Plaster or Polycell Rockset. Allow to dry well.

STEP 4: Paint your floor with your chosen colour of Plascon Floor Paint. Apply 2 coats, allowing at least 4 hours drying time between applications.

TIP: For a non-slip surface, add Plascon Grip Additive to the second coat of floor paint.

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Useful Docs Re Painting Concrete Floors:

>> Download the Plascon Floor Prep Data Sheet

>> Download the Plascon Floor Paint Colour Card

>> Download the Plascon Aquasolv Degreaser Data Sheet

>> How to paint a concrete floor with Plascon Floor Paint

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  1. I have used Plascon Floorpaint before but would like a glossier finish and would like to know if I can use your gloss enamel paint on floors, and if not, how do I achieve a high gloss finish with your Floorpaints?

    • Hi Mimie, thanks for getting in touch!

      For a high gloss finish on floors we have Plascon Stoep Enamel paint. Please note that you will need to strip the current coating completely back to the bare substrate before you can apply Stoep Enamel.

      Happy painting! Let us know if you require any further advice.

      • Hi Diane, we just need to know a few things before we can advise.

        Was the first coat of Stoep Paint thinned down and how long ago was it applied? The specification to paint with Stoep Enamel is to thin the first coat down to aid penetration – meaning that if the coating penetrated, a paint remover will only remove the paint film.

  2. I have a type of sandstone tile on my stoep but it doesn’t look nice anymore. Which product can I use to give them a completely new look?

    • Hi Christine, thank you for your query.

      Please be advised that sandstone requires certain handling as it is exceptionally porous if not properly sealed. Due to the nature of the substrate, preparation is vital. If this is not done, coatings usually lift from the sandstone due to moisture or damp from the underside.

      Unfortunately, Plascon Floor Paint is intended for concrete / cement surfaces and will not provide durability or the required finish on sandstone. However, Tile and Floor Care specialise in this regard with a range of sealers best suited to the purpose. They can be contacted on 0800 006 173

  3. I have a very smooth, steel-floated concrete floor. Can I paint it using Plascon’s water-based floor paint and if so, what do I need to do to prepare the floor?

    • Hi William

      Thanks for reaching out to us.

      Yes, you can. First clean the floor with Aquasolve Degreaser and rinse off thoroughly. Then prep the floor with Concrete Floor Prep to etch the floor before painting. Next apply 2 coats of Floor paint with intervals of 2 to 4 hrs between coats.

      Depending on use, allow 24 to 48 hrs before handling.

  4. Hello
    I have a very tiny walk-in closet. Because I rent, I do not want to spend a lot of money. There is a worn carpet in there which I want to pull out. Underneath is a cement/concrete floor (what is the difference?). I want a glossy cream – french look. What do i do? I don’t see the need for de-greasing, as this is inside a cupboard. Your help is appreciated. Thank you. P.S. What is the difference between the floor and stoep paint?

    • Hi Paul

      Thanks for reaching out to us.

      Please advise if the floor is Wood floated (rough) or Steel floated (smooth)? Once we know this, we can advise you further.

      Plascon Floor Paint is a water-based product and has a sheen finish.

      Plascon Stoep Enamel is a solvent-based product with a gloss finish.

      The reason for degreasing is to remove all surface contaminants that might remain after the carpet and glue is removed. Please note that all the glue residue needs to be removed completely.

  5. I would like to know if Plascon has a product that one can stain paving with? Our paving was to have all been the same colour, but the batches never came to be the same.

    • Hi Marianne, thanks for getting in touch.

      Plascon used to make a brick and concrete stain but the colours were not always uniform due to the different shadings of bricks and pavers. This resulted in the product being discontinued and we unfortunately do not have any substitute.

  6. Hi – I have a stucco style floor which is chipped and looking very scruffy. I would like to paint over this but not sure of what preparation I would need. Would I need to sand that top layer off or will your products allow me to simply paint directly on the floor as it is? Also, can your floor paints be tinted to a specific colour on your colour palettes?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Sara, thank you for your query.

      Did you perhaps get hold of Sydney from Plascon Tech Services? If not, please call him direct on 082 800 8235 to discuss the substrate, location etc. and you will be able to better advise you.

  7. Hi

    I need to know how do I go about painting concrete floors from the start? I need info on primers and topcoats. Also can one paint epoxy over oxide screeding? Do you have clear Epoxy 5lt, is it available?

    • Hi Wayne, thank you for your queries.

      Our floor paints can be tinted into their own range of colours. They also come in standard colours. We would have to know what sealers are currently on the floor before advising further.

    • Please contact our Care Centre on 0860 20 40 60 or email directly to so that we can supply you with product data sheets on the available products that can be used.

      This will allow us to establish the exact condition of the floor in question and advise accordingly e.g. Factory Floors, Domestic Floors, light traffic, heavy traffic etc.

  8. What is the durability/ life of both the floor paint and the stoep enamel for regular interior household use on steel floated floors?

    • Hi Pieter, the durability of Plascon Floor Paint and the Stoep Enamel is estimated at 2-3 years depending on the usage and amount of traffic the floor is exposed to.

  9. We have just put a brown oxide screed on our floor and I really do not like it. Is it possible to paint over this finish with a floor paint from Dulux?

    • Hi Sharon, thanks for getting in touch.

      Our Tech Services recommend using Plascon Floor Paint, which will provide you with a long-lasting finish. These are the steps required:

      1. Remove any wax or water-based curing agents used to aid curing of the concrete after casting.

      2. Degrease the surface by using Plascon Aquasolv Degreaser.

      3. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry for at least 48 hours until totally dry.

      4. For all smooth surfaces, particularly steel floated concrete, prime with one coat Plascon Concrete Floor Prep and allow it to dry for 8 hours.

      5. Apply 2 coats of Plascon Floor Paint with 4 hours drying time in between coats and at least 16 hours before it is exposed to foot traffic.

  10. I am about to paint my concrete floor. If durability is only 2-3 years, what do I do then? Do I have to go through the whole degreaser process again or can I just paint over it? Right now the floor a just oxide concrete but once it is painted, would I have to remove ALL the paint in 3 years to repaint it?

    • Hi Kerstin, that’s a great question.

      It really depends on yearly weather conditions (if outdoor) and the amount of traffic the floor receives.

      If the coating is in a sound condition after 2 or 3 years, you will only need to wash it with a Polycell Sugarsoap solutuion, rinse with clean water and allow it to dry completely.

      If you decide the floor needs a repaint then a light sanding will be needed and all the dust removed before applying 2 coats of the Plascon Floor Paint again.

  11. Hi please help!!! We have a brand new cretecote floor (2 days old) from Cemcrete, which has been sealed with Cemcrete concrete and colour hardener. The colour the floor came out is completely wrong. Can we paint over this with Plascon Floor Paint using the DIY steps above?

    • Hi Ilze, so sorry to hear about your poor floor – what a shlep!

      Unfortunately because Cemcrete is not a Plascon product, it is very difficult for us to properly advise you. We suggest that you try contact Cemcrete to find out what coatings they recommend that will be compatible with the cretecote floor and the hardener that was applied.

  12. Hi There. I have cement paving around my pool that has faded over the years. Im looking for an earthy colour paint to rejuvenate the surface. Has Plascon got anything available?

  13. Hi there, is this product suitable for rough concrete floors? I.e. will it smoothen out the surface? Or should I first apply a self-leveling compound?

    Thank you

    • Hi Gerrard, thank you for your query. That is a good question.

      Please note that Plascon Floor Paint will not smooth out the surface. You will need to apply a screed with a steel float to ensure a smooth surface. Apply a coat of concrete etcher before application of floor paint.

  14. Hi, I have coloured cement tiles that were sealed. I would like to change the colour of them, and wondered if that was possible and how do I go about doing it. Thank you

    • Hi Donovan, thank you for your query. Here’s the process:

      Ensure that the surface is clean dry and sound, then apply one coat of Plascon Plaster Primer and allow it to dry for 16 hours. Overcoat with two coats of Wall and All (low sheen finish) or Plascon Micatex (fine-textured finish) with two hours drying time between coats.

      Both the products come with a 7 year guarantee which needs to be registered within 30 days of purchase.

      We have also published the following step-by-step guide for Repainting Palisade Fencing.

  15. Hi there, we are renovating and removing interior walls. As a result a new screed needs to be laid. I would like know if any of your paints or products can be mixed into the cement when laying the screed rather than painting the floor afterwards? Thanks

    • Hi Donna, unfortunately we do not have a paint that can be mixed into cement rather than painting after the screed. Contact Specialized Coating on 086 137 2468, they might be able to assist you.

  16. We have an older house. In our lounge I would love to paint the concrete. I lifted a corner today and found carpet tiles glued onto the cement layer under the carpet on top. I managed to get the carpet tile which is in long strips to lift quite easily when I pulled on it and found the concrete underneath is in good condition. Once I have removed all the carpets what can I use to remove the glue remaining and then what is the process I would need to follow before I paint the floor with Plascons Floor Paint?

    • Hi Michelle, thank you for getting in touch with us.

      Please contact Genkem on 011-226 0300 as they have products that you can use to get rid of the glue. Once the glue is removed and you have bare cement that is clean, dry and sound, here is the process to follow:

      1. Remove any wax or water-based curing agents used to aid curing of the concrete after casting. Degrease the surface by using PLASCON AQUASOLV DEGREASER (GR 1). Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

      2. Allow to dry for at least 48 hours until totally dry. For all smooth surfaces, particularly steel floated concrete, apply one coat of PLASCON CONCRETE FLOOR PREP (FCS 1). Allow the surface to dry for 8 hours before applying PLASCON FLOOR PAINT (FPT Range).

      3. Stir PLASCON FLOOR PAINT (FPT Range) thoroughly with a flat paddle before and during use.

      4. Apply two coats to the correctly prepared and sealed surface for maximum durability use a brush, roller or airless spray gun for application.

      5. Allow at least 2 hour drying time @ 23 °C between coats of PLASCON FLOOR PAINT (FPT Range).

  17. Hi

    We moved into a new house. We had cement paving installed but the contractor messed the paving with cement and paint spots. He the offered to epoxy the cement paving which we agreed on. After two years now, the colour seem to fade and we wish to paint the paving. We are told that we can not paint but have to epoxy again. Do we use epoxy or do we use paint? If we epoxy, do you have a product?


    • Hi Willem, thank you for your query.

      We unfortunately do not have any product at this stage that we can recommend for cement paving. Your best bet is to contact Tile & Floor Care on 011-822 6901 as they specialise in floor coatings and should be able to assist.

  18. Hallo, I want to use the Plascon Stoep Enamel Paint or Floor Paint to paint an interior floor. It must be water resistant / pet-friendly – which one is best? And do I need to use a sealer to further enhance the durability or is two coats of Plascon enough? If I need a sealer, which product would you suggest?

  19. Hi,

    Thank you for the very insightful blog/FAQ section!

    We are in the process of installing a new cement screed in our kitchen and living room as well as the stairs leading to the bedrooms.

    I understand from other questions above that if steel floated, the floor would need to be treated with Concrete Floor Prep to etch the floor, prior to applying primer, to ensure better adhesion.

    However, can we not rather have the floor wood floated instead to “skip” the etching step?

    And, I would also like to receive the documentation sent to Maristie regarding the most suitable sealer to enhance the durability of the floor; as we do not want to re-paint in 2-3 years again.

    Many thanks!

    • Hi Pieter, thank you for getting in touch with us and for your compliments!

      I understand that our senior Technical Representative advised that you should rather use the Gehopon Sealer (GW7) as it exhibits excellent adhesion to substrates. Allow 24 hours prior to overcoating. The topcoat would then be Gehopon 3000 series which is a two component water borne epoxy coating that is scrub resistant, extremely tough and also resistant to certain chemicals. The data sheets for these products are available via the links provided.

  20. I am looking for a product to paint over outside conrete pavers. The idea is to use the paint to draw lines and patterns for a preschool playground on top of these pavers to make it look like a street setting e.g. stop lines, train tracks etc. Please advise on product.

  21. Hello

    We have just painted our floors with your product and just read about the sealant which was suggested to enhance the durability of the floor.

    May I also have the info please.


    • Hi Kate, thanks for getting in touch.

      Before we can properly advise you please can you let us know what type of floor is it, whether or not the floor currently painted, and if yes, with what type of paint?

  22. Hi, we just redid our stoep floor ( steel floated concrete) and need a paint that can resist the weather and wont be too slippery in wet conditions. Should i use a sealant?

    • Hi Beth, thank you for your query.

      Because steel floated floors are smooth, we recommend using Concrete Floor Prep as a primer to etch the floor and promote adhesion. Plascon Floor Paint would be suitable with Grip Additive added to the paint to reduce slipping. All products are available by Plascon at most retail paint and hardware stores.

  23. I’m building and opting to paint my floor rather than tiling. I will have a smooth concrete finish. I have read the comments and would like some advice please. I intend to paint the floors in my entertainment area which is under roof. How durable would it be with people walking on it in terms of high-heels and moving of chairs etc? I loved a home I saw that had it painted and within 6 months like looked terrible. I do realise people cut corners and I would like to ensure that I have the right products. Also, is it possible to paint balcony and open slab floors?

    Thanks, Ryaan

    • Hi Ryaan, thank you for getting in touch with us.

      Plascon Floor Paint is what you need! This is a durable, hardwearing and fashionable coating for domestic concrete surfaces such as floors, patios, driveways, pathways and garages.

      Please note that concrete must be cleaned before painting with Aquasolv Degreaser – scrubbed into the surface with a bristle brush. Ensure proper ventilation when using the product. Rinse thoroughly with tap water.

      For smooth concrete, prime with Plascon Concrete Floor Prep and allow drying time of at least 2 hours.

      Apply first coat of Floor Paint and second coat after 2 hours, but do not apply the product when the surface temperatures are below 10 C or above 35 C.

      Please let us know if you have any questions!

    • Hi Omar,

      For painting new concrete floors we recommend using Plascon Floor Paint for new interior concrete floors. Here are the steps required:

      1. Surface to be dry, sound and clean and cured for a minimum of 28 days with a moisture content measured with a Doser Hygrometer (or equivalent), of BD 4 scale – 5% or less.
      2. Prime with one coat Concrete Floor Prep with an overcoating time of 8 hours.
      3. Finish with two coats of Plascon Floor Paint with 2 hours drying time.

  24. Hello there

    I have a new concrete slab verandah (about 2 months old) which is uncovered and is not sealed. It has damp patches from the rain of the Cape winter. I would like to seal it to prevent the ingress of water and then paint it with one of the Plascon colour ranges with some added roughness to prevent slipping when wet (it is near to a pool).

    Can you advise? Can I use your advised products while still having damp patches or wait till bone dry?


    • Hi Mark, thanks for getting in touch.

      Unfortunately we do not have anything that we can recommend for the concrete slab that’s close to the pool. The reason being is that Plascon Floor paint is not going to last because of splashes of water that’s going to settle on top the coating, which will cause constant repainting. We therefore cannot guarantee a long-lasting finish.

    • Hi Terri, thanks for your query.

      Please note that we do not supply any colour cards online as digital versions are not accurate. You may get hold of the colour cards from any retail store that stocks our products. Or you may contact our colour consultants on 011 467 8693 to inquire if they have soft copies of the colour cards you require.

  25. Hi. Is it possible to paint onto screed flooring? I would like to create a Moroccan pattern instead of tiles. Regards. Victoria

    • Hi Victoria, thanks for getting in touch.

      Please note that we do not have artists floor paints. We only have Plascon Floor Paint, which is a water-based floor paint for interior and exterior concrete surfaces. It is ideal for domestic concrete surfaces such as floors, patios, driveways, pathways and garages. However, an artist (or your creative self) would need to create the desired pattern. Note that the maintenance cycle for our Plascon Floor paint is between 2-3 years. Alternatively you may contact a company called Tile & Floor Care on 011 822 6901. They might be able to assist with helping you achieve your desired effect.

  26. For a living room would you recommend the Plascon Floor Paint? Is it difficult to do? Or do you just paint it with a paint brush? What is the cost more of less per litre?

  27. Hi Hanneli, thank you for contacting us. Please kindly advise what kind of surface your living room floor is? Is it wood or concrete for example and do you perhaps know what product was used on the floor before if any? The more info we have the better we can advise you!

  28. Hi, we have moved into a house where the previous owner chose to use cement and not grouting between the floor tiles. Could I paint this (between the tiles) as it looks horrible and always looks dirty no matter how hard you scrub.

    • Hi Lisa, thank you for getting in touch.

      Unfortunately we do not have anything for panting floor tiles which we can guarantee will have a long-lasting finish. However there is a company called Tile & Floor Care (011 822 6901) who might be able to assist you.

  29. Hi, we want to paint the floors of our entire house. We have carpet in the living room and bedrooms and tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms. Will it be best to use stoep paint or floor paint? We have a dog and cat – which paint will be longer lasting? Can u tile over the painted floors at a later stage? Do you prep all the floors the same?

  30. Hi. I have a large verandah which is just bare concrete, but it is extremely dusty – giving off a fine white dust constantly. How would you recommend I prepare it and which paint do I use? Thanks Janine

    • Hi Janine, thanks so much for getting in touch and apologies for the late response (our webmaster was on leave).

      We would strongly suggest that you look at getting a floor specialist to do a screed on the floor first, as it sounds like the floor is not sound. We wouldn’t recommend painting on an unsound surface. Ensure that the surface is clean, sound and dry before painting.

      Allow new concrete to cure for at least 4 weeks before painting – ensuring again that the surface is clean, sound and dry. Clean the floor with Plascon Aquasolv Degreaser, rinse thoroughly with clean water, and allow to dry for at least 48 hours until totally dry.

      For all smooth surfaces, particularly steel floated concrete, apply one coat of Plascon Concrete Floor Prep. Allow the surface to dry for 8 hours before applying Plascon Floor Paint (FPT Range). Please find attached the technical data sheet and refer to Surface Preparation, Applications and Cautions.

  31. Hi, I am planning on painting a workshop floor. We are currently servicing vehicles on the premises. Can you please advise which will be the best product to use. Please note that the area is constantly messed with Oil, Grease etc. The intention is to paint it, then clean as required. I am interested in something that can be durable long-term. Thanks

    • Hi Zahir, thank you for your query and for getting in touch with us.

      We can suggest two suitable products: GW3000 Water-based Epoxy, which is scrub resistant, extremely tough and also resistant to certain chemicals, oils and leaded petrol. Or Plascoguard Floor Coating, which is suitable for garages or workshops where there is heavy traffic. Please see the datasheets for each product attached in the links provided. These contain all the info that will aid your decision.

  32. I had a builder put down a screed veranda, then he painted it with black stoep paint. The paint has mostly all peeled off now (a year later), and it looks really really awful. What can i do??? Please Plascon help!!

    • Hi Wendy, please can you advise which Stoep Paint they used? How old was the floor before painting? Was any surface preparation done prior to applying the stoep paint? If Plascon Stoep Enamel was used, did the builder thin the first coat as per our specification? Unfortunately there could be a variety of factors that has caused the paint to peel.

  33. Hi Plascon, Please help 🙂

    I have just poured a new self-leveling screed in my house. It’s between 3-5mm thick. Now I would like to colour it with your floor paint. Do I need to seal the self-leveling screed first, then paint? Or Paint and then seal? And in preparation for all this do I need to follow all the steps you have provided – Scrub and etch? Thank you! I look forward to your response 🙂

    • Hi Joshua, thanks for getting in touch with us. Please note that you will first need to let the screed dry for at least 28 day before applying floor paint.

      1. Once properly dry, remove any wax or water-based curing agents used to aid curing of the screed after casting.

      2. Degrease the surface by using PLASCON AQUASOLV DEGREASER, rinse thoroughly with clean water, and allow to dry for at least 48 hours until totally dry.

      3. Apply one coat of PLASCON CONCRETE FLOOR PREP. Allow the surface to dry for 8 hours before applying PLASCON FLOOR PAINT. Note that Plascon Floor Paint is a self-sealing product.

  34. Hi There, I plan to paint a concrete imprint driveway and paving around the house. The concrete is quite rough and has not been painted before (but it does have a “tint” – seems as if the original owners added something to the concrete to change the colour). After cleaning with the degreaser & water, would I need to use the FLOOR PREP?

    • Hi Corneel, thanks for connecting. You will need to apply 1 coat of of Plascon Floor Prep and let it dry for 8 hours. Thereafter apply 2 coats of Plascon Floor paint.

  35. Hi, my new house is 45m2 and the floor is uncolored power float concrete finish on 20 MPA floor. I would like to paint the floors. How much will I spend, what kind of paint do I need and how long is the duration of the paint?

    • Morning Portia, thank you for your query.

      You will need to use the Plascon Floor Paint. Please find attached in the link provided the data sheet for our Floor Paint which contains all the information you need regarding Surface Preparation and Application of the product.

      Please note that we do not sell directly to the public. You will need to please visit your local hardware stores for pricing.

  36. Hi I recently had my bathroom renovated and now have a walk-in shower. The floor is screeded but didn’t get the desired high-polished finish that I’m looking for. How do I get my screeded floors and my walls to shine? Can I use a clear product and if so what would be the best one to use on a shower and bathroom floor and walls?

  37. Hi. I have a sealed and cracked concrete floor throughout my apartment (54sqm). I have tenants moving in next week. Will 1 week be enough time to strip/rinse/dry/fill cracks/paint etc? And do you have recommended people who would do that for me? I’m in Johannesburg northern suburbs. Thanks, Juliet

  38. I have a slasto / crazy paving floor that was painted with Fired Earth enamel floor paint about 2 years ago. I’d like to redo this surface in a new colour to match the Plascon wall colour we have. Can I just paint directly over the existing enamel coat or what should I do to prepare the surface? Should I seal it after painting with polyurethane for extra durability?

    • Hi Gee, thank you for reaching out to us. We unfortunately do not recommend painting slato paving. There are certain adhesive problems so we cannot guarantee that our paint will last. You may however try Tile & Floor Care on 011 822 6901.

  39. Thanks for a great website. I have been through all the comments and don’t see a similar question to mine, so please forgive me if I have missed it!

    We have a brand new steel floated screed in a small cottage. It has cured for 28 days, and our local Plascon store recommended all the products mentioned above to use in conjunction with Plascon Floor Paint.

    But here’s my question: the shower is a walk-in one, where the screed has been continued from the floor outside the shower cubicle and then sloped off towards the waste inside the cubicle. To continue the seamless look, are we able to use floor paint throughout the bathroom, including in the shower, and then seal just the shower floor with something to improve waterproofing and grip/non-slip?

    The bathroom is being used by two retirees, so not a huge amount of splashing/steam/high traffic going on!

    But my concern is the shower floor; we want to preserve that seamless floor finish both outside the shower and inside, using the same Plascon Floor Paint colour (in the tint, Concrete Shell).

    Your advice, please?

    • Hi Bronwyn, thank you for connecting and for your kind words!

      Unfortunately Floor Paint cannot be used inside the shower cubicle as it will peel off. The paint is also slippery when wet and the grip additive has been discontinued, so you would need to tile the inside of the shower cubicle.

      You can however use the Floor Paint on the rest of the bathroom floor but should again note that it will be slippery when wet. Since the surface is steel floated, you will need to roughen the cement using a course sand paper (80 grit) or use out Concrete Etcher.

      For the latter you will need to neutralise with water and allow the surface to dry before applying one coat of Concrete Floor Prep. Thereafter, over-coat with two coats of the Floor Paint tinted to the colour of your choice.

  40. Hi I have just layed a concrete floor three weeks ago and to me it seems as if the floor isn’t properly set or too weak because dry sand is being sweep from it. I would like to know if I can throw a floor paint over this floor and which paint would be best. Thanks

    • Hi Shaf, unfortunately Floor Paint will not solve your problem. You will need to get in a building contractor to advise you how to repair the floor before it can be painted.

  41. I have an indoor cement floor in poor condition (cracks etc.) My builder opened big cracked areas & filled with new cement. For smaller cracks & indentations, he used interior Polyfilla (for walls etc.) I bought your floor prep & paint to paint the floor. I’ve just found out that floor paint will not stick to Polyfilla. Thus I have started to scrape it off. I then plan to fill cracks & indentations with cement. But its a large area, now with Polyfilla all over. There is no way that I will be able to remove all the Polyfilla off the floor. I would be grateful for any advice!

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