Paint Wrinkling Causes & Solutions

A Step-by-Step Guide to Paint Wrinkling: Causes & Solutions

Paint Wrinkling SolutionsPaint wrinkling is when the paint on a surface forms a “skin” by becoming rough and crinkled. Paint wrinkling can occur when paint is applied too thickly, when paint is applied to a very hot surface or during very hot weather, exposure of paint to wet weather or high humidity levels, painting over an insufficiently dried first coat, or by painting over a contaminated surface (e.g. dirt, wax, grime etc.)

Paint wrinkling solutions will of course depend on the current state of the surface and what caused the paint wrinkling in the first place. However, at least one of the below paint wrinkling solutions should help in restoring your surface:

Paint Wrinkling Solutions:

  1. Scrape or sand substrate to remove the wrinkled coating
  2. Repaint, applying an even coat of quality paint – ensuring that the first coat or primer is dry before applying the top coat.
  3. Apply paint at the manufacturer’s recommended spread rate (two coats at the recommended spread rate are better than one thick coat).
  4. When painting during extremely hot, cool or damp weather, allow extra time for the paint to dry completely.

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