Paint Effects

DIY Gilding & Antiquing

Gilding & Antiquing

DIY Dragging on Wood

Dragging on Wood

DIY Marbling Technique

Marbling Technique

Mosaic a Pot

Mosaic a Pot

Colour Rubbing

Colour Rubbing

Painting a Stencil

Painting a Stencil

DIY Painting Stripes

Painting Stripes

DIY Painting Tiles

Painting Tiles

DIY Verdigris Technique

Verdigris Technique

DIY Aged Limewash Table

Aged Limewash Table

DIY Aged Steel Hat Stand

Aged Steel Hat Stand

DIY Chipped, Painted Stool

Chipped, Painted Stool

DIY Distressed Frame

Distressed Frame

DIY Rusted Statue

Rusted Statue

DIY Suede Effect on Walls

Suede Effect

DIY Worn Lamp Stand

Worn Pine Lamp Stand

DIY Metallic Effect on Walls

Metallic Effect on Walls

DIY Pearl Effect on Walls

Pearl Effect on

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12 thoughts on “Paint Effects

    • Hi Belinda, it certainly is!

      1. Ensure that the surface is clean, sound and dry.
      2. Sand lightly to create a key and dust off.
      3. Apply one coat of Plascon Universal Undercoat allowing 16 hours to dry.
      4. Finish with two coats of your chosen topcoat.

  1. I would like to achieve a metallic floor epoxy effect. Does Plascon have any products that can help me achieve this? And how would I go about preparing a steel floated cemented floor for this?

  2. I want to remove my interior plaster from my walls (Kitchen project), smooth out the excess plaster and cement, then stain the bricks as they are the “cheepie” kind. I then want to paint a varnish-type paint over it to give it a smooth long-lasting look. Can you advise please? Regards, Dave

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