Paint Effects: Shabby Chic Paint Effect & Limewash Effect

Creating a Shabby Chic Paint Effect on a Frame & a Limewash Effect on Wood

Article by Claire Bond

I paint over Gilding which also goes by the name of Gold Leaf using a Polvin paint which is water based. If the gold is paint, it is necessary to do a meths test to ascertain if the gold is solvent based or water based.

Dip meths on a cloth and rub the frame. If gold comes off, the paint is water based and can be painted in any water based paint. If the gold does not come off onto the cloth use a Universal Undercoat before applying the Polvin.

NB**Should the item be a large unit or chair, rather than a small picture frame or object, it is best to undercoat in a Universal Undercoat.

Once the undercoat has dried (after approximately 8 hours) apply 2 coats of Polvin. (Polvin is water based and will dry within an hour).

Creating a Limewash Paint Effect on Wooden Furniture

Shabby Chic Paint Effect and Limewash Paint Effect

Creating a Shabby Chic Paint Effect

STEP 1: I suggest you use Afternoon Shower (Y4-C2-3) as your Polvin base colour. Apply 2 coats using a brush if you are painting a frame and a sponge roller for larger flat items.

STEP 2: Apply candle wax (using cheap white candles from any grocery outlet) to the raised areas of the frame to create a shabby chic paint effect. Using the wax is a paint effect called wax resistance technique.

STEP 3: Mix up 60% white Polvin water based paint plus 40% acrylic scumble (use a container). Do not over-complicate the dilutions. 50% plus 50% does the trick, but from my experimenting I prefer a slightly thicker consistency. This mix must be painted over your base colour of Afternoon Shower as well as the areas you waxed.

Allow this white mix to get tacky (wait approximately 3 minutes) and then with a piece of cloth, wipe the sticky scumbled mix off. The white paint will stay in the recessed areas of the frame (provided the frame has detail).

Wherever the wax was placed the white paint will not stick and the Afternoon Shower will be revealed. Your shabby chic paint effect is now complete! Experiment using a pine frame and then try out the same idea using a frame with some detail.

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4 thoughts on “Paint Effects: Shabby Chic Paint Effect & Limewash Effect

  1. I would like to have paint samples of the following colours:

    1. Plascon Y4-C2-3 (Afternoon Shower) and
    2. Plascon Y2-E2-2 (Soap Bubble).

    How can I go about to receive some colour samples regarding aforementioned colours? Our Offices are in Century City.

    Thanks and kind regards
    Francois Prinsloo

    • Hi Francois, thanks for getting in touch with us.

      Plascon offers tester posts which customers can use to test certain colours before making a purchase. Please see our Tester Pots page here for a list of retailers (organised by region) that stock tester pots.

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