Handy Painting Tips

DIY: Handy painting tips and techniques!

  • DIY Painting TipsPrior to painting your walls a new colour, it is important to paint a white basecoat beforehand. Especially when your original colour is yellow!
  • It is essential to paint a white background on your painted or raw plaster wall when painting up colour samples for the true colour. Having painted your colour samples you have selected, allow the colour to settle for at least 2 to 3 days and view the colours at different times in the day.
  • All lighting (including natural sunlight and artificial light) affects the colour of your paint as do shadows in a room.
  • A “Tint” is when you add “white” to a colour and a “Shade” is when you add “black”.
  • Colours that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel are complimentary e.g. red and green, whilst monochromatic colours are colours that work well with each other and are harmonious.
  • Stir paint with a flat-surfaced paddle to mix it properly.
  • Sand in a circular motion to provide the most adhesive surface possible.
  • A reflective sheen finish in a small room with low light will have the same effect!
  • Pre-wet plants or any vegetation to protect them before removing paint outdoors.
  • A Matt finish has the effect of making a small room with lots of light appear larger.
  • Sand between coats of varnish when varnishing wood to remove any exposed fibres.
  • Sugarsoap is a neutral, all-purpose cleaning agent that can be used to clean carpets, tiles, baths, toilets and cars and can even be used to unclog drains.
  • Paint walls from right to left if you’re right-handed (left to right if you’re left-handed) so that you don’t place your free hand on the wall when applying more paint to a brush or roller.

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16 thoughts on “Handy Painting Tips

  1. please can you give me any advise, I have a crooked wall, entering my bathroom. you can really see it is crooked. is there any paint techniques that i can make use of? thanks a lot.

    • Hi Esther

      Thanks for reaching out to us.

      Unfortunately we won’t be able to recommend any paint technique that will be able to hide the imperfection. The only way to resolve this issue is to fix it properly by re-plastering the wall.

      Paint techniques will assist in hiding some minor imperfections but not major imperfections.

  2. Could you please advise me on how to best apply blackboard paint and how to clean brushes/rollers. Is blackboard paint oil or water based?

    • Hi Edda, thank you for your query.

      Plascon School Board Paint is actually alkyd based and the brushes need to be cleaned with Mineral Turpentine or Polycell Paint Brush Cleaner.

      1. School Board Paint is best applied by brush or spray.
      2. Apply quick and even layers before paint starts to dry.
      3. Sand lightly between coats to ensure optimum smoothness

      The full data sheet is available here.

  3. Hi there, I have a burgundy lounge suite with accessories that’s cream, brown, orange and burgundy…..please advise me what color to paint my walls, I have a combined lounge and dining area….the dining area has mostly brown in it and all my curtains are a neutral color….thanks for your input…..

    • Hi Gail, we have emailed you some colour suggestions from our experts. We suggest the colour for walls Stone Wash Y2-D2-2 provided the room gets light during the day.

      Incan Treasure has a pinkish undertone and could work, however, if the room is not light, it will go grey.

      Finally look at Delicate White. Please see all colours scanned and attached in your email.

      It is important to purchase a sample of the colour and paint it on your walls before buying bulk for any project. Locations of tester pots can be found here: Plascon Tester Pots.

      We suggest Polvin if you do not need the walls to be washable and it is cost effective, however if you have animals or children, Cashmere and Doublet Velvet are washable alternatives.

  4. Hi

    I inherited 60L of exterior paint in brilliant white but I don’t want white walls outside. Can I tint this paint myself? How much tint would I use per 20L of paint? And would this be cost-effective (what is the cost of tint per litre, roughly)?


    • Hi Penny, thanks for getting in touch.

      Unfortunately the white paint cannot be tinted as it is a standard colour already tinted from the factory. In order to tint any paint a tint-base is used which would normally be a transparent or pastel base. The tinting and selling of the products are done through the hardware stores.

  5. How many liters paint do i need for a room walls to be painted, is there a formula to work out the quantity of paint one need?

    • Hi Hennie, please note that you should not use road marking paint on walls. We advise rather using Plascon Wall & All which has Unique Dirt Barrier to protect against dirt.

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