DIY Garden Pond Décor Ideas

It’s that time of year for patios, pool parties & DIY garden ponds. I’m talking about Summer vibes! The following DIY garden pond décor ideas offer inspiration for decorating your outdoor watering hole.

DIY Garden Pond

A pair of Woolly Necked storks are common visitors to this garden pond in Kwa-Zulu Natal (image: Galen Schultz)

Garden ponds are great for attracting birds to your green and grassy outdoor living space – especially if you have fish living in your pond. They are also a favourite habitat for a variety of amphibian species. So if you are a friend of the frogs, a planted garden pond will result in an evening chorus of frog-song.

If you have chosen more natural, rocky décor for your garden pond then concrete figures are a great addition. You could also touch these up with a bit of colour using Plascon Stoep Enamel paint if you have any left over after painting your patio.

DIY Garden Pond Mermaid

(image: Galen Schultz)

I personally prefer the more natural look when it comes to DIY garden pond décor, but there is nothing stopping you from adding a lick of Plascon Woodcare Exterior Varnish to these hand-crafted pond furniture items (pictured below) to ensure that they last for years to come. If you’d prefer a more sophisticated look for your garden pond furniture, the weathered French vintage look is a popular choice.

DIY Garden Pond Furniture

(image: Galen Schultz)

Adding plants and interestingly-shaped pieces of wood to the perimeter of your garden pond is another great addition. But another personal favourite piece of DIY garden pond décor of mine is the metal crane that can be seen on the left in the below image. These can be created using Plascon’s rusted statue paint effect, which is a popular decor idea for creating a focal point for your garden pond.

DIY Garden Pond Decor Ideas

I hope the above DIY garden pond décor ideas have inspired you to create something beautiful!

– Article written by Galen Schultz

2 thoughts on “DIY Garden Pond Décor Ideas

  1. I am a DIY enthusiast. I want to re-paint my swimming pool myself. The paint has been removed but the cement surface is not so smooth on some spots/chipped spots. I need to make the surface smooth again, but I am not so sure what to use. Could you please assist in this regard? Could also please give guidance on the correct paint to use?

    • Hi Anthony, thanks for getting in touch with us.

      Unfortunately we do not have a paint from the Plascon Range that is designed for swimming pools. However you may contact a company called Cemcrete on 0860 236 273 as they deal with swimming pool paint.

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