Plascon Spaces magazine is an inspiring source of DIY decor projects. Get it at your nearest newsstand or visit Plascon Spaces. Here are just a few of the projects you’ll find in the magazine or on the website.

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8 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Hi Plascon,

    Can you please send me specifications for repainting the exterior of my house (and roof) using Plascon products?

    Thank you,
    Trevor Maddion

    • Hi Trevor, certainly!

      The exterior walls of your house can be painted with Micatex for a smooth, textured finish. It also has a unique weather block formulation for protection against the toughest weather conditions. It also covers and prevents future hairline cracks.

      The other option is Wall & All that has a suede sheen finish and has a unique dirt barrier formulation to protect against dirt and inhibit mould growth. Or you can paint with Cashmere, which has a plush matt finish and a unique triple action bead technology which hides imperfections.

      All three of these products come with a quality guarantee of 7 Years. You may choose any of the three depending on the finish you’re looking for.


      New Work: Cement plaster, concrete, breeze blocks, brick, and stone: Ensure that concrete has dried for at least four weeks and other masonry surfaces two weeks before painting. Remove any loose particles and laitance by most suitable means. Remove any oil, grease and mould release agents with PLASCON AQUASOLV DEGREASER (GR 1). Rinse thoroughly. Prime with PLASCON PLASTER PRIMER (UC 56) allow 16 hours drying time. Then put two coats of your top coat allowing 2 hours drying times between coats.

      Previously painted surfaces in good condition: Remove loose and flaking paint back to a sound substrate and a firm edge. Spot prime bare areas with appropriate primer. Clean old paint with POLYCELL SUGAR SOAP POWDER solution to remove all contaminants and chalked material. Rinse with clean water to remove all traces of sugar soap. Alternatively, clean with high pressure water jet. Sand glossy enamel surfaces to a matt finish. Apply two coats of the chosen topcoat allowing 2 hours drying times between coats.

      Please advise what type of roof you have so we can give you a proper specification. We have linked to the data sheet for Nuroof Cool, which gives a list the different types of roofs it can be used on and the relevant primer to use.

  2. Hi there. I would like to use a stone wash technique to paint raw pine furniture. Please advise me how to do this and what preparation and paints to use. Regards, Jacqui

    • Hi Jacqui, thanks for connecting with us. The Plascon Spaces Showroom will be able to assist you with your query. Please contact them on 011 467 8693/4. Please note however that they might be closed for the year and will reopen on 4 January 2016.

  3. Hi. I would like to change the colour of my red plastic chairs..can you please advise what process to follow using plascon products.

    • Hi Lieketseng, thanks for getting in touch. Please can you kindly advise whether or not your chairs were previously painted (and with what) as well as which Plascon products you are wishing to use?

  4. Good day. I am thinking of painting my double sized wooden front door black. Could you kindly advise me what preparation is necessary and which paint product is best? Kind regards, Harold

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