DIY Christmas Decorations

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If you are lost for time and still need to pretty-up your space with Christmas cheer, Plascon has some golden ideas for creating your own DIY Christmas decorations!

DIY Christmas Decorations: Bits of Glitz for Xmas!

DIY Christmas Decorations


With a lick of Plascon Metallic paint and some basic Christmas decorations, you could create this gorgeous metallic lustre. This golden sheen creates a gentle ambiance in the flickering light of candles. Giant lettering can be found at just about any craft or home store, and Plascon’s Metallic Gold DRM3 is the perfect DIY solution for turning basic white into holiday sheen. You can also use it to give wooden branches and candle-holders a holiday makeover.

DIY Christmas Decorations 2


Hanging decorative ginger biscuits may seem a little continental for most South Africans, but it could be adapted to feature meringues, which would go perfectly with a selection of summer fruits for dessert.

DIY Christmas Decorations 3


Another great idea is turning old coffee cups into DIY Christmas decorations for staircases. The cups could also be filled with treats! For the more health-conscious, you could swap-out chocs for nuts and fruit treats.

DIY Christmas Decorations 4


And lastly, who needs a Christmas tree when you can swap it out for old post-it notes arranged on a free-standing mirror? These DIY Christmas decorations are excellent for hallways spaces.

DIY Christmas Decorations 6


If you have any driftwood handy, give the wood a lick of white paint and adorn it with some woolen baubles such as these (pictured below) and you have exceptionally simple yet effective window DIY Christmas decorations.

DIY Christmas Decorations 5


Happy Holidays! And merry, merry decorating to everyone.

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