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African Branches:

Branch: Kansai Plascon Botswana: Gaborone
Address: Botswana: Gaborone Plot 14394, New Lobatse Rd, Gaberone West, Botswana
Contact Person: Josephine Mothudi

Branch: Kansai Plascon Botswana: Francistown
Address: Plot 1626, Light Industrial, Francistown, Botswana
Contact Person: Josephine Mothudi

Branch: Kansai Plascon Malawi: Blantyre
Address: Cnr Maunde & McLeod Rd, Makata Industrial Area, Blantyre, Malawi
Contact Person: Memory Nyirongo

Branch: Kansai Plascon Malawi: Lilongwe
Address: Accord Trust Building, Off Paul Kagame & Mzimba Road, Lilongwe, Malawi
Contact Person: Memory Nyirongo

Branch: Kansai Plascon Namibia: Windhoek
Address: Cnr Iscor & Van Der Biji Str, Northern Industrial Area, Windhoek, Namibia
Contact Person: Renske Mouton

Branch: Kansai Plascon Namibia: Walvis Bay
Address: No. 108 Theo Ben Gurirab Street, Walvisbay, Namibia
Contact Person: Renske Mouton

Branch: Kansai Plascon Swaziland: Manzini
Address: cnr Mancishane & Sandlane Street, Manzini, Swaziland
Contact Person: Peter Baker

Branch: Kansai Plascon Zambia: Kitwe
Address: 7174 Mukatasha Road, Light Industrial Area, Lusaka, Zambia
Contact Person: Patricia Kapanji

Branch: Kansai Plascon Zambia: Lusaka
Address: Plot 6360, Tanganyika Road, Heavy Industrial Area, Kitwe, Zambia
Contact Person: Patricia Kapanji

* Please Note: In order for us to provide you with the best and most accurate advice possible we need to know what the exact substrate / surface is that you are wishing to paint / renovate / coat

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    • Hi David, thanks for getting in touch.

      Unfortunately we don’t yet have “whiteboard” paint as such. What we can offer is “School Board” paint that can be used for school boards in black or green. It can be applied to interior hardboard, composition board, metal, or any other suitably primed surface. Here’s the School Board paint product link.

      We hope this helps!

  1. I am currently facing a serious waterdamp issue in my bathroom. What products can I use for the ceiling and the walls?

    • Hi Bernice, thanks for getting in touch.

      We would recommend using Plascon Kitchens & Bathrooms, but please could you first advise us on the type of current coating on the wall (is it water-based or solvent-based) and also the condition of the coating?

      Please keep in mind that this product will definitely work, but ventilation is needed for any bathroom. For this we recommend that an extraction fan be installed to help with the excess moisture.

  2. I have terracotta floor tiling, which has been sealed with a polyurethane varnish throughout my house. It’s in poor condition – flaking, stained and porous in some areas. I can’t afford to replace the flooring at the moment and was hoping that I could paint it to give a new lease on life. Would Plascon Floor Paint work?

    • Hi Tania, thanks for contacting us.

      Please note that none of our products are suitable for use on any floor tiles. Plascon Floor Paint is designed for use on concrete only.

      What we can advise is that the existing coating will have to be removed in it’s entirety before application of any product. It would be good to know how long the existing coating has been on the tiles and if there is DPC (which is highly likely due to interior use) under the tiles? Note that if there is any moisture the new coating will also lift and peel.

    • *Note: DPC is plastic damproofing used in homes before the cement floor is thrown. It is also used when laying foundations. It prevents the ingress of moisture to the surface but can also prohibit moisture from escaping when there are tiled areas.

      • Thank you for the info. The existing coating has been on for about 7 years and yes DPC was used when laying the foundation.

        • Hi Tania. Unfortunately painting floor tiles is tricky business. Plascon does not currently have a product for floor tiles that will provide a long-lasting finish. The product that we do have is Tile & Melamine Primer, but this should only be used on certain wall tiles.

  3. I need to repaint the bare boards on my house and am getting conflicting advice. The wood is in different states – from smooth, to paint flaking, to totally exposed. I live in a windy area by the coast.
    Please advise what paints will be best

    • Hi Johan, thanks for getting in touch.

      In order for us to provide you with the best and most accurate advice, we need to know what the exact substrate / surface is (i.e. the type of wood) and what it is used for.

      Can you please provide us with this information?

    • Hi Johan,

      For us to provide an accurate specification we would need to prompt more questions regarding the current coating, the type of finish required and the conditions of the different substrates as they will definitely differ from one specific substrate to the next.

      Would you feel comfortable with providing us with your contact details? If not, please either contact us on 0860 20 40 60 or on so that we may assist you.

  4. Hi, my name is Ayan from Pongola. I opened a new hardware wholesale store in town and I would like to stock Plascon products. I tried my best to get your products but unfortunately people who got same bushiness around town stopped you supplying your products to me so now I have no idea what to answer my customers when they come and ask for your products in my shop. So if you people have any idea, please let me know…

  5. I have been asked to assist a friend in painting their large (+-90 M sq x +- 4.2M) living room ceiling which is constructed of tongue-and-groove knotty pine and was originally painted with some sort of lime-based paint and then later painted with PVA which is now peeling off. I have suggested that all the loose paint needs to be scraped off with scrapers, then sanded down with 80 gritt sandpaper, followed by 100 gritt to smooth it off, not taking it down to bare wood, as this would be an extremely daunting task, then applying your Universal Undercoat, allowing it to dry (period?) then applying 2 coats of Plascon Polvin ceiling and wall paint. Would this be the correct procedure? I need an urgent response please, as I hope to start this production with a couple of my guys this week. Phone: 0833750298 URGENT! Thx.

    • Hi Leslie, thanks for getting in touch.

      Ideally it would be best if you can sand the surface back to bare wood. If you choose not to sand it completely down, the above procedure seems to be in order keeping in mind that the lime-based product might cause colour and texture issues.

      You will need to make sure the surface is completely dust-free, clean, dry and sound before applying any paint. The drying time on Plascon Universal Undercoat is 16 Hours. Please contact the Plascon Advisory service on 0860 20 40 60 should you require any further assistance.

  6. Do you have a product for re-enameling a bath? I seem to remember that there is a Plascon epoxy type of paint – Plascon 8 ?

    • Hi Peter, Plascon does have an enamel paint but it is not recommended that this be used on baths.

      We usually refer customers to a company called Mend A Bath.

    • Hi Alex, thanks for getting in touch.

      We do supply such paint but we do not sell directly to the public. You will need to go to your local hardware store (try Builders Warehouse) and they will assist you with prices.

  7. Hi Plascon team – I want to paint some ceramic trinkets – small animals and bowls that are already glazed? They are the kind of things you find in an antique store.
    I want to use white, metallics and neons. What do you recommend? And do I need to use a base coat? thanks

  8. Hi.

    What is the best product to use for coatings a floor of my garage at home? Also, how does one prepare the surface and apply this product?

    Which products and steps must be used ?

    Kind regards.
    Avinash Singh.

  9. I would like to repaint our fireplace. It’s dark facebrick with a varnish. What is the easiest way to remove the varnish and what do I have to use as a primer before painting?

      • Hi Margaret, thanks for getting in touch.

        One can contact our Linbro Park Branch on 011 608 0790 and ask for Trade or Commercial division they will assist you with the process of opening an account with Plascon and explain the terms and conditions involved.

  10. Hi, I would like to ask for a donation of paint for my church. I was wondering what proper channels do I have to go through in order to achieve this,? Thanks in advance

  11. Hi there, I hope someone will be able to help me. We have recently painted our interior with Plascon Double Velvet in Incan Treasure. All the trims (doors, doorframes, skirtings) have been painted with white Plascon Velvaglo. In our dining room, we have a rather large wall on which we’ve displayed two big, square, predominantly white artworks. I want to paint this wall in an accent colour, and thought purple would compliment the Incan Treasure…what purple would you suggest? I was thinking along the lines of Casa Blanca R3-E1-2. It should be more plum-purple than grape-purple…hoping to get some professional advice! Thank you sooo much! B

    • Hi Bianca, thanks for getting in touch. We will be happy to help!

      Please visit our Inspired Colour System here, type in “Incan Treasure” and click on submit. Selecting “Complimentary” in the list of colour options (on the left) will offer you 7 complimentary purples for you to choose from! Give us a shout if you have any trouble.

  12. Good day,

    I am in a bit of a pickle. My whole house’s ceilings have been renovated and I fear that they might have been done incorrectly by the contractors…. and would REALLY appreciate your advice to establish whether there are consequences to follow at a later stage.

    1. The existing ceiling was already painted before and has joints.
    2. The ceilings were first painted with Gyproc Grippon before Rhinolite was applied as per the instructions from Gyproc Rhinolite manufacturers.
    3. After the ceilings were rhinolited and completely dry, 2 coats of Plascon Universal Undercoat were painted on the ceilings.
    4. After the universal undercoat dried, 2 coats of Excelsior White Acrylic PVA paint was applied.

    Can you tell me if this was done correctly as I am stressing that the ceilings might all have to be redone and stripped which will cause the entire house to be cleared and a whole mess to take place again.

  13. Hi I painted my house with a (BLUE) “love Bird” B6-A1-2 some years ago and so I would like to know how much a 20liter bucket is currently costing. I am not in the country at the moment so have no idea about the current prices and would like to re-paint my house again I hope somebody will help me fast.I really love this colour and will not change it for anything

    • Hi Maggie, thanks for getting in touch with us.

      Unfortunately we cannot specify the costs of our products as different retailers set their own pricing. We advise that you contact your nearest / preferred retailer and inquire with them.

  14. Good day Sir/Madam, I would like to make a request with regards to a specific type of paint I’m using for my project: Velvoglo (vlo1), REM1100. I want to order directly from the factory. What is the required criteria?

    • Hi Danny, thanks for contacting us. To order directly from the factory you will need to first open an account. Please contact Plascon (011 608 0790 and ask for the Trade department.

  15. Goeie dag. Ek is op soek na n tile grout pen. Wit. Waar kan ek dit kry? Ek het al my grout vervang maar dit bly beige lyk teen die wit porselein teels.


    • Hi Tupochere, before we can properly advise you, please can you provide us with more information such as what sort of wood your chairs are made from, what they were previously painted / varnished with and what undercoat and topcoat were used.

  16. Good Day,

    I am an administrator for a retirement home called Heather Court in Umbilo Durban. It is a center owned and run by Meals on Wheels. We provide housing for retired people over the age of 60 who cannot afford to live elsewhere due to the high rental prices. Here at Heather Court they are subsidized by as much as 75-80% of the current market value of rental.

    We had the Road facing exterior of our building painted last year by PG Gounden & Sons who has a status of a Plascon Preferred Applicator. We are looking now to paint the interior of the building and have had some challenges in raising the adequate funds. we would appreciate it if you can assist us or partner with us in getting this project completed. Even if the paints are donated or given to us at a reduced rate, it will be much appreciated.

    Thank you
    Peter Moodley
    Contact Details 0823430358

  17. Good day – I wish to paint an old metal/steel kitchen cupboard as it it rusting in places. How would I go about it and what are the products you would recommend? Thank you!

    • Hi Sylvia, thanks for connecting. Here’s what you need to do:

      1. Remove all loose rust by wire brushing, chipping, scraping and abrading.

      2. Remove oil, grease or any contaminants using Polycell Brush Cleaner followed by clean water rinses.

      3. Apply in full wet coats by brush, roller or airless spray to allow maximum penetration into remaining rust.

      4. After Polycell End Rust has chemically reacted, any excess material which has not turned bluish-black must be rinsed off with water before over-coating.

      If you are using the cabinet in the kitchen, you may use Kitchens & Bathrooms paint. Please find the data sheets for these products attached in the links provided.

  18. Dear Sir, We would like to introduce ourselves, that we are doing paint business in Rwanda since 2005, also we are doing the paint application. We want to bring/import the Plascon paint in Rwanda as distributor. Please let us know your terms and conditions for distributorship? Thanks and Regards Jasbir Singh, Chez Sandra Trading Ltd +250 787612186

  19. Morning, I used the Plascon Mid Brown Suede Exterior/Interior varnish to paint my pine ceilings and now I learned that the product has been discontinued. A new range is on the shelves and I was told that the Teak colour was the closest to the Mid Brown. Only problem (and heavens knows why) the new range only comes in gloss, except the clear varnish. This leaves me with a huge problem as I cannot paint the ceiling with part suede and part gloss. Is there still somewhere a few tins of the Mid Brown are available or is the Teak available in suede? Please assist me as I need to solve this matter.

    • Hi Keenan, thank you for querying. Please note that Plascon offers specific products for specific purposes and therefore does not manufacture any 2 in 1 products.

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