Plascon Inspired Colour System

Plascon Inspired Colour System

The Plascon Inspired Colour System was designed to help you create the perfect colour scheme using a single colour as a starting point. To use it, simply select your main colour from the options provided, and then select Monochromatic, Complementary, or Adjacent to see the resulting colour harmonies!

Simple. And inspired.

Plascon Spaces Showroom

You don’t have to be daunted by the thought of your next painting project because you’re not sure which colour to use or how to use it. The Plascon Spaces Showroom is all about showing you how easy it is to pick the right Plascon product and colour for your next painting experience. Consultations are by appointment only.

Free Colour Consulting / Advice

The Plascon Spaces Showroom offers a free colour consulting service. Colour consulting is a very specialist skill and requires input from yourself to ensure we are able to deliver on your expectations and brief. We therefore require the following from you for our team to work on your project:

Please complete the attached questionnaire and return it to us along with high resolution JPG images (maximum 5MB per image per e-mail) of your interior or exterior. Two or three good photos are sufficient. Your images can also be sent to this e-mail address along with the completed questionnaire.

For any colour-related queries, please contact our Spaces Showroom on 011 467 8693/4 and speak to a colour consultant. They will be more than happy to advise you.

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  1. We have a huge dining / lounge / living area with big windows and beautiful light wood floors. The colour on the walls are white!!! We have very high ceilings, and the colour scheme is brown / beige and blues. I want to paint one wall in the dining area Plascon Dreamcather B4-B2-2, and would like advice on colour to use for the walls and ceiling.

  2. Painted outside walls With Micatex (Julia Y3-A2-2) on white primer base. Color looks as if it has a greenish tone. Do you think it might be best to change the final coat to Calico EPL437? Would like a nice friendly yellowish color & the place where I stay only allows me to use one of these 2 colors.

  3. I am very interested in the stone colour range that was showed on Tuine en tossels that aired 19/06/2013 the lady said she painted all her walls with Plascon ? Stone. For the life of me I can’t remember the colour name and would appreciate it so much if you can email me with the information I require.

    I fell in love with the colour and want to paint my walls immediately so please please please I am anxiously awaiting your response.

  4. Hi, what are the colours one can choose from when using the “Plascon – Floor paint ” on concrete flooring? Please send me a link and a possible link to pictures where these colours have been applied.


  5. HI. Just to clarify regarding this missing Number (?)EU06. Is this the same as a Light stone Inspiration., Wall and All Pastel NEU06? The first number on the bucket specs was not so clear. Please see below:

    Light stone inspiration
    Wall&All Pastel 20liters
    PE:10.00 PL:150.00

    Thank you

  6. I would like to paint my house to give it a new outstanding look. I like bright colours for finishing such as red, dark pink or yellow for trims. I don’t know which lovely dark colour to complement those, from grey to khaki. Any help?

    • Hi Selina, thanks for getting in touch.

      Cashmere is a water-based product, with a matt finish. If painting over a water-based paint you just need ensure the surface is clean, sound and dry before over coating with Cashmere, however, if existing paint is an oil-based paint you will also need to ensure that the surface is clean, sound and dry then sand lightly and dust off. Apply one coat of Plascon Universal Undercoat allowing 16 hours drying time and finish with two coats of Cashmere allowing 2 hours drying time between coats.

  7. How do I find the closest paint colour to an RGB or CMYK formula that I’ve got?

    I’m looking for a paint that’s close to R 165 G 143 B 140 or #a58f8c or C 36 M 41 Y 39 K 2.

    Any suggestions?

    • Hi Peter, have you perhaps tried (or heard about) the Plascon Mobile InspireMe App? This helps you match any colour you snap a picture with using your smartphone to a range of Plascon paint swatches that best match the colour. The app will also provide you with complimentary and adjacent colours, allowing you to get a really good idea of what of what colours to choose. And it’s 100% free!

      You can download the Plascon InspireMe App here

  8. Hi…I have oak flooring and alpine white cupboards. And also a white blind with a wood grain look. I have been struggling to find a colour to paint the walls. I’m also looking to have a feature wall behind the bed. My bed colour is Chocolate Brown Leather. I have tried Fynbos Leaf and the colour reflects off the cupboards. Any advice will be appreciated

  9. Need to paint the house exterior urgently. I chose Micatex shade called Clifton. What would be a good contrasting colour for the trimmings (faschia boards, Gutter pipes, etc)? Also should it be Wall & All or Enamel?

    • Hi Harshila, thanks for getting in touch with us.

      Please kindly contact the Plascon Spaces Showroom for all colour advice. Alternatively you could try the Plascon Inspired Colour System to find a good contrasting / adjacent colour.

  10. I painted my walls a cigar smoke colour but now I want to paint my cupboards in the kitchen in a gray shade. What grey colour will give a french look in my kitchen?

    • Hi Chris, I forwarded your colour query to our colour expert, who replied with the following:

      “If the space is a very light, open plan and more French with a contemporary slant, they could use Paris Paving EC 53, which has a big contrast when placed against Cigar. If they want a more subtle classic effect (like your French Provence feel) I suggest Crete Shore EC 52.

      Please see the colour stripe cards attached in the links provided. The customer must purchase the colour in a small amount to test using two coats of paint before buying a large quantity of the colour they prefer.”

  11. To whom it may concern . Kaylen Stone here, decor inter for Exresso morning show. I would like to enquire about a price for a product of yours . PLASCON G4-B2 Cool Watercress G4-B2-1. please would you contact me regarding the cost of this product as soon as possible.

    many thanks.
    Kaylen Stone

    • Hello Kaylen Stone, apologies that no one has gotten back to you until now (it’s just that time of year). Kaylen unfortunately the prices of our products in store are not set by us, but rather by the retailers that stock them. The cost would therefore vary.

  12. Hi, I want to know if there is a specific product that I can use for both walls and timber products (unvarnished)? Please also indicate if I will need a base coat for the timber. Regards, Nontobeko

    • Hi Nontobeko, before we can properly advise you, please can you kindly confirm what sort of walls and timber it is? And is it on the interior or exterior of the house?

    • Hi Dawie, thanks for getting in contact. Dawie for any colour related queries, please contact our Spaces showroom on 011 467 8693/4 and speak to a colour consultant. They will be more than happy to advise you.

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