Baby Cot Paint and Paint for Children’s Bedrooms

We have often been asked what paint is safe for children’s bedrooms as well as what baby cot paint is available that is nontoxic, VOC and lead-free and 100% safe for your child. We hope the following FAQs provide some useful answers. Please don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any questions!

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What paint is best for children’s bedrooms that is water-based and lead-free?

All our decorative products are lead-free. Depending on the required finish, we have two water-based products that are perfectly safe to use for children’s bedrooms. One can choose between Plascon Double Velvet, which has a velvet sheen finish, and Plascon Cashmere, that has a plush matt finish. Both of these products are washable and stain resistant and are ideal paint for children’s bedrooms.

What baby cot paint is available that is safe to use? We have bought a wooden cot and would like to refurbish it. In your professional opinion, what would be the correct white wooden paint to use that is VOC free and nontoxic and won’t chip etc. for my child’s safety?

Depending on what paint is currently on the baby cot would determine the correct baby cot paint system to follow. However, we understand the word refurbish to mean starting from scratch, and thus suggest the following:

  • Remove all unwanted paint / varnish with water-based RemovAll All Purpose Paint Remover. Allow the remover to work through the coating film, as it is water-based the time period for effective removal is longer than that of a solvent-based stripper. This product is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and easy on skin. We would advise (if prolonged use is expected) to wear household gloves in case of skin allergies.
  • Baby Cot PaintTo remove lifted paint and remover, use a scraper where possible, or a clean cloth which can be rinsed in water. Ensure that there are no traces of remover left on surface of the baby cot.
  • Wipe the entire baby cot down with a solution of sugar soap and allow to dry thoroughly. Sand lightly and remove excess dust with a clean, dry cloth.
  • For longevity of the baby cot paint and topcoat, we recommend using Plascon Wood Primer, which is an oil-based product. This requires between 16 to 24 hrs to dry. This will feed the wooden baby cot and prevent premature cracking and splitting.
  • Velvaglo can be applied directly onto the wood primer as it has a “built in undercoat”. The white Velvaglo is low VOC and low odour. None of our products contain lead including Velvaglo. Two coats will suffice and the product is chip resistant. The product has a gel structure and does not drip, making it perfect wooden baby cot paint.
  • Water-based enamel can also be used as baby cot paint if a water-based topcoat is preferred. However, if this product is used, a Universal Undercoat will need to be applied between the wood primer and topcoat. It is not a gel structure and careful application would be necessary.
  • NB: Using Plascon Water-based Enamel on baby cots is recommended for babies that tend to bite the sides of the cot. This forms part of Plascon’s Specialist range and is available in white, but can be tinted in other colours. It is a third option for safe baby cot paint and can be found in most paint and hardware stores.

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8 thoughts on “Baby Cot Paint and Paint for Children’s Bedrooms

    • Hi Nicki, thanks for getting in touch with us.

      All Plascon’s decorative products are lead-free. We would therefore recommend using either Plascon Cashmere or Plascon Velvaglo Waterbased paint as these products do not contain any lead.

    • Hi Kopano, yes you can. Here’s what you need to do:

      Lightly sand the surface to create a key, dust off and apply 1 coat of Plascon Multi Surface Primer. Then 2 coats of the water-based Velvaglo. The product can only be sprayed by using an airless spray gun.

  1. Hi there, I have a cot that is made from MDF. There are a few scuffs on it and I would like to touch these up/respray. What would you recommend?

    • Hi Kerry, thank you for getting in touch with us.

      We normally recommend using Velvaglo Water-based when spraying furniture and also baby cots. Please note that none of Plascon paints contain lead. I have attached the MSDS on this product here. However, please note that doing touch-ups might result in a colour difference. If the MDF board is visible, spot-prime those areas with Plascon Plaster Primer (as it is a manufactured wood), then re-paint the whole surface.

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