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What questions to ask the Paint Experts to get the best possible advice

Ask the Plascon Paint ExpertsCustomers are often overwhelmed by the Plascon range and all the information associated with performing the perfect paint application. By considering the following, you will be equipped to ask the Plascon paint experts the right questions to help you with your next paint job.

  1. Where are you painting, interior or exterior? (This will eliminate products not suited for that area)
  2. What type of substrate are you painting? (This will eliminate products not suited for that substrate)
  3. If interior, ask in which room the substrate or item is situated? (This will eliminate products not suited to that environment)
  4. Which finish would you like? (This will eliminate products that don’t suit your required finish)

These 4 questions should narrow down the choice of Plascon topcoats available to you. By understanding the features and benefits of the remaining products, will also help you make a final choice. However there are a variety of other questions that should be asked too, such as:

  1. What is the condition of the surface? (This would inform you of Polycell prep products and add-ons to be used)
  2. Is the surface currently painted? (This would inform you if Plascon primer is needed)
  3. If it is painted, which paint is currently on the surface? (This would inform you if Plascon Universal Undercoat is needed)
  4. If it is painted, what is the colour of the surface? (This would inform you if Plascon Universal Undercoat is needed)
  5. Are there any signs of damp?

We hope that this serves as a guide when asking Plascon paint experts for the best advice possible! Ready to get started?

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4 thoughts on “Ask the Paint Experts

  1. Hi, I am preparing our indoor woodwork for paint. It has been varnish before. We have sanded the doors and cleaned them thoroughly. My helper got confused by my request for using the wooden primer and painted one of the doors and frame with Universal Undercoat. Do I need to sand it down again or is there anything a little easier that can be done at this stage? Thank you

    • Hi Elaine, here’s what you need to do:

      Sand the surface back to bare wood, dust off and apply one coat of your Plascon Wood Primer (UC2). Allow the primer to dry for the recommended time before you overcoat with your chosen topcoat.

  2. Can I mix Roof Seal with membrane with cement and/or builder’s lime to make a thick paste to smooth off a plastered wall that has a serious damp problem?

    • Hi Mr Venter, thanks for getting in touch. Please note that Roofseal cannot be mixed with any other product. If you have any damping problems you can use Plascon Dampseal for rising or penetrating damp which is not more than 1.1metres above ground level. Please note that we do not however specialize in full waterproofing systems.

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